Blessed And Highly Favored!


Being a convert to the L.D.S. Church, I’m always impressed with our brothers and sisters who attend General Conference. Everyone always looks so nice and neat. Which is in contrast to my memories of the many Pentecostal Conventions I attended in my youth. My mother would go through great pains in search of the perfect hat, dress, and shoes, and that was just for us kids.

On the other hand, my mother took a totally different approach with her outfit. It was all about being and looking “blessed and highly favored by the Lawd”. If her dress was store bought then her hat was hand made, if her hat was store bought then her dress was tailor made. My mother, like most women, wasn’t willing to “run into herself,” and the thought of that happening would create enough stress to make her switch outfits 3 or 4 times to be sure that she was going to look unique and fabulous! I want you to know that during Convention the women put the “D” in Dress and the men put the “S” in Sharp! At Convention, looking nice and neat simply won’t do!

Now I know that there are so many other things that I need to be focused on during General Conference. However, my thoughts were on the wives of the many General Authorities that line the stands this Conference. I also wonder about the thoughts of the many sisters who are seated in the congregation. Did they frantically run around SLC in search of the perfect pink blazer? Did some of the women make a mad dash to ZCMI looking for the perfect purple dress?…oops that was the Mo-Tab. Anywho, I wonder if there will ever be a time when the women in our church will decide that “nice and neat” is no longer an option. I wonder when we will decide that it’s time for us to really dress up for Jesus. When will we decide to step up and step out SHARP!!!?

Oh my… Where has the time gone? Here I’ve let my thoughts get the best of me, and I’ve missed most of the speakers. I’m so grateful for the Ensign!

Sista Beehive Registered & Protected

  • Mormons know how to dress “sharp”. Look at the missionaries, everyone wants to dress them, there is even a movie about it MEN IN BLACK.

    Sista, I’m still sad about ZCMI closing, best place in the world to find knee length shorts!

    Pentecostals may put the S in sharp and the D in Dress, but Mormons put the M in modest and the H in Hottest!

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    You are HI-LARIOUS! And I can’t wait to read more! 🙂

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  • Thanks Future Mama, we are on twitter, but haven’t said much we’ll get right on it!

    Sista Laurel

  • And let me tell you..that perfect pink blazer had the BEST…bold and enlarge that word…the BEST buttons! I know…you think I am a nut…but they were so incredibly vogue. Just beautiful. In fact, I noticed that when my kids were drawing her portrait (our favorite conference activity)…her blazer button was in every one of the pictures.

  • I love this! Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    There are way more things to focus on than appearance. In fact, if the way you or others look is taking away from the teaching of God, your priorities are not in line. Looking Sharp and Hot is the aim of the secular world… and we are commanded to be separated from them. Jesus didnt dress fancy like the Pharisees… he kept with Yahweh’s regulations of short hair, a beard, and modesty. Furthermore, the call is for us to “come as you are” not to try and pull ourselves together before we even think about coming to Him.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sister or Brother Anonymous- Dec 16, 2009

    I don’t know if you are aware of it or not but these two sister’s are giving us all of “comedic” perspective of who we are. As stated earlier we do take ourselves two serious as displayed in your post. Learn to laugh! I don’t think they were saying that looking “sharp or hot” was a must; they were simply pointing out a difference of the way they grew up, and what was acceptable.

    However it seems to me that in the church we do judge. When was the last time in the dead of winter a sister has felt comfortable putting on a nice pair of slacks and going to church? Would Jesus be allowed to attend your ward wearing his robe and sandals? My father was called to be a Stake President by one of the twelve, he left his office and went straight to the church to meet with he thought the Stake President, but it turned out the be a member of the twelve. He was told to go home and change into a white shirt and tie. Sister, please don’t diminish this refreshing site with your judgmental tone of what is or isn’t right!! Thank you Sista’s for teaching us all to learn to laugh and enjoy our religion. I too am Unashamed!!

  • This was so funny! I just want to say that it’s really okay with me that I don’t have to wear a hat to church. I’m always running around like a chicken, getting a workout from leading the music everywhere, I think I just might sweat to death with a hat and a full suit on. But those sisters do look sharp. 🙂

    Even after 10 years in the church, I still don’t always get the white shirt and tie thing. My conscience tells me that it is better to come straight from work and not keep the Stake President (or in this case, an Apostle) waiting, than to go home to change and be late. It kind of feels like being stuck between a rock and a hard place (who came up with that saying???) – you’re wrong for being late but wearing a white shirt, or you’re wrong for being on time without a white shirt. I understand that it has to do with being a priesthood holder, but if anyone can shed some additional light on this subject, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • I just found your blog and love it! Thanks for keeping it real!

    I must say though that some of us do look Sharp, Modest and Hottest all at once. It just depends on the person. I care about my appearance but some people just don’t. My 13 year old is a good example of the latter (although I’m hoping to change that one day!).

    Once when I “came out of the Mormon closet,” I had someone tell me that I didn’t look like a Mormon and they went on to explain it was because I didn’t dress dowdy or look worn out. Some of us Mormon women just don’t take care of the bodies that are our temples like they should and the world has noticed…

  • SPE

    Why don’t we wear hats? I am dying to wear a hat to church but I don’t know if it is some kind of no-no (like pants…why not pants?!?!). My husband rolls his eyes when I suggest it (I tend to be a teensy bit rebellious about stuff like this) but I dont know if I have the guts to do it! Anyone with me?

  • Anonymous

    My wife wears hats to church (and yes we are Mormon). Easter is always a great day for me because my wife will pull out a fantastic outfit with a nice, new hat. I personally love the variety, I don’t know what other people think – and to be honest, I don’t really care!
    God is Good!

  • We’re with you SPE and like the other commenter mentioned we too don our Easter hats to our LDS wards.

  • Not Asleep

    It’s probably a sacrament meeting thing and a Nephite syndrome thing.  Not supposed to attract too much attention or look pretentious (fine-twined linen syndrome).  The pharisees were criticized for looking the part without really being the part.  But I’m not really making a good argument against it am I?  I have always subscribed to the philosophy that if my body is a temple it might as well look like the Washington DC temple (as opposed to the Provo Temple).  Sometimes I have seen people come to church that were dressed to the nines– the stake president’s wife wore a full length mink coat.  It seemed to cause an uneasy feeling since there were many in the congregation probably not doing well financially.  It caused speculation as to whether they had the money to afford it as well.  Someone else could probably make better arguments but dressing too high-browed might not be what Jesus would do.

  • Kiley

    I grew up with my father/grandfather/brother etc, ALWAYS taking their hats (mostly baseball caps) off for prayers. My dad told me that it was respectful to Heavenly Father to uncover your head when speaking to Him. I dunno if this is just a weird family quirk or what, but my hair -dos wouldn’t survive such constant donning and doffing as a church service would require. That’s pretty much why I never wore/wear hats to church… 🙂

  • Eliseevans3

    I agree!  I grew up in the south, so when it comes General Conference time, it’s General Conference time! Last April conference, I wore a new outfit, curled my hair, put on my new hat and vintage cream gloves.  I have never seen a hat get so many stares before….a few people took pictures!  Absolutely ridiculous…….I figured they simply wanted to have a reference for how to dress next conference.

  • Sista~Sista, we would love to have a reference for how we should do “General Conference”. We are sure that you are blessed and highly favored! That outfit sounds Heavenly!

  • Amen Brotha! God is Good ALL the time, and ALL the time God is Good!