The Mormon James Earl Jones


There are those voices, those smoothe, silky voices, you know the ones. They can read the ingredients off canned food and make you melt. Let’s name a few:

Sean Connery


James Earl Jones


Then there’s Barry White. His voice is so sultry, his music has been dubbed “Baby Making Music”.

A list of Best Speaking Voices also named: Anthony Hopkins, Elvis Presley, Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford, Vincent Price, and of course, Don LaFontaine.

On the lists of all the “Bad Boys of Voice,” one voice is consistently missing. This voice reaches millions, it touches our hearts every week, “from the crossroads of the West..” He welcomes us to a program of inspirational music and spoken word…..

Lloyd D. Newell, Announcer for: Music and the Spoken Word, Mormon Tabernacle Choir & often forgotten – Bad Boy of Voice

Yup! That’s him. Lloyd D. Newell. Now I know some of you are thinking, you’re crazy, you just grouped him in with some of the best speaking voices of ALL time! You might be saying he’s got nothing on Nathan Morris (the bass from Boyz II Men who does the speaking parts). Well, I’m saying your wrong, there’s a reason he annouces for a Grammy winning choir, his voice is like sunshine in my soul today!

Now don’t go telling folks that there are two sistas with a blog saying that during Music and the Spoken Word is the perfect time to get your groove on. Yes, Brother Newell is definitely on the list, but for that particular calling, please stick to the smooth sounds of Brotha Barry White.

Sista Laurel Registered & Protected

  • I totally understand why he would be in the “Bad Boy” of Mormons voice club!! My youngest son’s name should be Lloyd. Oh, joke!! I do enjoy Music and The Spoken Word, and Lloyd Newell is one of the few reasons. Yes, Sista Laurel, there is “sunshine in my soul today!” Amen, Amen, Sista!!

  • Sista please, he is a Bad Boy of Voice period, he just happens to be a Mormon! Glad you have sunshine in your soul today, cause you need it, talkin about your son’s name should be Lloyd, you are so wrong.

  • Good morning and Happy SITS Saturday sharefest.
    I totally agree with all your choices. Elvis being number one of course..
    I’d have to add Michael Douglas..but i don’t know if he’s mormon

  • Ooooh, Michael Douglas, excellent choice, no worries Mormon is not a requirement for being on the list 😉

  • Oh, you guys are killing me! I just found your blog tonight and I you are going to keep me up reading your archives! Loving it all.

  • Oh my gosh I love it! and I love your blog! That is so true about his voice…it really is soothing!