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You’ve most likely heard of the Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon, which raked in 14 Tony Award nominations. We haven’t seen it, so we can’t critique, but word on the streets is that Mormon or not, you either love it or hate it.

Mormons are sizzling HOT right now! (If you’re Mormon and you know it clap your hands…but be careful you might burn yourself.) Barrington Stage Company is getting ready to present Mormons, Mothers and Monsters. That’s right folks, its another musical comedy with Mormon in the title.
Popularity is a short ride. Like our good friend Heidi Klum says: “One day your in, the next day your out…Auf Wiedersehen.” Who knows when Mormons will be back in style again, so we are thinking of producing a Mormon musical. Why shouldn’t Latter-day Saints get in on the Mormon Broadway action? Here are a few ideas we’ve tossed around. We’d love your thoughts on our play concepts and of course any new ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Twin sisters fall in love with the same RM. Ultimatley, because Mormons do not practice poligamy, the young man is forced to choose. The jilted sister becomes green with envy (literally!) and resorts to various wicked deeds in hopes of keeping the happy couple from reaching their Temple wedding date. Is there a happily ever after in this Mormon fairytale?

Mary is an over zealous visiting teacher who can’t keep a companion for the life of her. Further, she refuses to set appointments with the sisters she teaches and insits on surprise pop ins. This play is filled with delightful songs such as; Just a Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Lesson Go Down, Mary Go Fly a Kite and SuperMormonFragalisticPleaseDontDressAtrocious.
Brother von Trapp a Mormon widower with a lot of kids, grabs a container of cherrios and takes his family to listen to  Music and the Spoken Word one Sunday morning. Amongst the hundreds of singers in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir one voice stands out to him…Maria’s. Maria is a lovely sister who loves nature and is always running through the hills, causing her to be late to choir practice. The other members of the choir decide that the only way to solve a problem like Maria, is to get her married, and Brother von Trapp seems to be just the right man. Guest appearance by Lloyd Newell.
If you don’t know this storyline, check it out here. The idea would be to somehow make each diary entry rhyme, and then set them to music.
See you at the Tonys!
Peace and Happiness,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel


  1. So funny. Nice creative genius. Of course since you are Mormon it was a cinch…being so hot and smart and popular as you are.

  2. You guys are a riot. I think I’ve had Mary pop in on me a few times…


  3. Haha I love the new ideas! Too bad the new musical isn’t anything like the ones you came up with! I would definitely pay to see one of them :)

  4. I was thinking about seeing it since I am Mormon, and live in the city. After listening to part of the soundtrack on itunes I deciced not too. Some of the songs are HIGHLY offensive. Although I do like the opening number “Hello!”

  5. These are fantastic!

  6. You girls are awesome!

  7. I can definitely appreciate the humor, here. Who know, perhaps you might be onto something?

    However, I made a conscience choice to be offended by this play, for many reason;)


  8. very clever, very funny, off to post a link on my face book wall!

  9. Oh, my gosh,I am dying here!

  10. LMBO!!!! This would be so funny. Thanks for the giggle.

  11. Totally love the ideas!! Especially Mary Pops in. I think it might be about me!!!

  12. Oh my gosh! Love it!

  13. Ha ha, so I had heard of the musical briefly, but didn’t know much about it, so in my never-ending quest for knowledge and understanding, I looked it up and read the entire Wikipedia article about it.

    I have to admit – it looks completely offensive (not just because it mocks Mormons – I would throw it in the same boat as many other movies/TV/media I choose not to consume), and so I will probably never see it, nor listen to the music, same as most other offensive musicals/shows/etc that I choose not to consume.

    However, I have to say this quote from the writers was (in my opinion) a VERY redeeming quality:
    “Before the church responded, a lot of people would ask us, ‘Are you afraid of what the church would say?’ And Trey and I were like, ‘They’re going to be cool.’ And they were like, ‘No, they’re not. There are going to be protests.’ And we were like, ‘Nope, they’re going to be cool.’ We weren’t that surprised by the church’s response. We had faith in them.” (quote from the creators – find it here.

    Obviously they weren’t making the musical to be pains in the butt – and I like that they actually approved of the Church’s reaction. I think members of the Church (and all humanity, for that matter) could learn a lesson from the Church’s PR department. The General Authorities weren’t rankled, so why should we, as members, be.

    That said – I’d love to see your musicals, Sistas – I’m sure they would be hilarious, and not nearly as filthy as some of the stuff Broadway produces. ;)

  14. Thank you for the much needed laugh tonight! Love it!

  15. Home runs, all of them. Nathan Lane probably would be willing to produce them…

    “Mary Pops In — have you seen this one:

  16. You all are so supportive, what would we do without you guys! We’ll let you all know if there ever is an opening night for any of our shows ;-)
    @Becca Thanks for your thoughts.
    @Manaen Great video, we hadn’t seen that one before.

  17. Ha ha, these are great. I think you should add “The Little MiaMaid” to the list – a shy Miamaid must say goodbye to the missionary she has a crush on when transfers come…

    “The ProduSeers,” “West Temple Side Story,” and
    “The Phantom of the Tabernacle” would also be sure-fire winners.

  18. @Lizzle, we love the way you think! Great ideas we’ll have to add these to list ASAP.

  19. I love this! Thanks for brightening my day.

  20. Loved this — thanks for the laugh.

  21. These are hilarious! Well done Sistas!

    Lizzie, had some great ideas too!

  22. Made me laugh

  23. These are HILARIOUS! I love them much more than the idea of the BoM musical, which even if they handle the church side of things well (which I’ve heard mixed feelings about), it sounds as if they treat the African characters with racist stereotypes, so it’s not one I’m willing to drop $400 on. I’d rather go to 40 movies with better storylines.

  24. oh my gosh, you have a blog and you’re actually funny!! i love it!! <3

  25. I love it, these are hysterical!

  26. You guys are awesome! Keep it up!!!

  27. I love it, these are hysterical!

  28. I just found you and I just think the musical ideas you have are awesome. Wish you guys toured internationally to Australia – Melbourne in particular!!! Oh well I hope its on dvd! Love your site and all you do.

  29. Oh we do hope to get to Australia one day, we here it is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by the blog and giving us a holla!

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