Mormon Nudists

Before we heard about KUTV’s news story on Mormon nudists we had no idea that such a community existed. Of course the idea of Mormon nudists piqued our interest, not because we are tempted to try it, but because of how contrary the concept seems with the modesty teachings of the LDS faith.

Since we don’t personally know anyone who is a Mormon nudist/naturist, we decided to check out LDS Skinny-Dipper Connection, a website dedicated to “…faithful members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout the world who have a wholesome interest in social nudity under appropriate circumstances.” There are no pictures on the website. While the site contains a lot of information about how these Mormon members reconcile teachings of the LDS faith with their desire to be nude, we were still unable to find answers to our most pressing questions about Mormon nudism.

~ A common tip for those who might be nervous about public speaking is for them to picture their audience naked. When giving a talk, if everyone is already naked, then what do you picture?

~ If you are home teaching or visiting teaching a reluctant family or sister, does showing up naked make them more or less likely to let you in to share the message that month?

~ When out and about and naked, where are our keys supposed to go?

~ When playing nude sports…there are just so many questions here we can’t even wrap our brains around it?

~ Does getting naked make the stretch marks go away?

~ Since your clothes are already off, do you put your clothes on to let your spouse know you would like some alone time with them?

~ Sunburns, bug bites, splinters, frost bite, sports injuries, poison ivy, these all seem so deadly when naked?

Look, we don’t foresee the LDS church coming out with a list of “appropriate circumstances” where “social nudity” is okay any time soon…or ever. To each their own, God be with you naked Saints, but we Sistas plan on keeping our clothes on.

Modest is the hottest,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel


  1. Wonderful post. LOL!

  2. So…. that would make an interesting temple session. *shudders*

  3. i would love for you to teach our YW about modesty! you make me laugh!

  4. heehee

    I think I will keep my clothes on, too. For my sake and for the sake of others.


  5. Oh my! I can honestly say that I have never known anyone who thought that was ok. I think there are some things better left…ahem…covered!

  6. Sounds to me like folks want to keep those reservations in the ‘great and spacious building’ while claiming to be obedient members… can’t do both. Just isn’t possible.

    And frankly speaking… EEEEeeeeeeeeeeewwww!!!! Just because you have “it” doesn’t mean anyone else in the greater world wants to see “it”.

  7. I saw this on the news and I was like, “What in the world?!?” I swear I’ve never heard interesting things than moving to this state. You continue to make me laugh, thank you!

  8. You guys are hilarious!

    Here’s one to add to your collection: every LDS church building has a gym in it. The word gym means “naked,” from Greek gymnos, as it was the Greek practice to exercise and engage in athletic contests in the nude. So the cultural hall is also literally the “naked place.”

  9. … um … wow?

    But of course, you made me laugh, as always :)

  10. Perhaps nudity any time possible prior to the age of 8? :) That definitely seems to be “religion” at our house at least! :)

  11. ~ Sunburns, bug bites, splinters, frost bite, sports injuries, poison ivy, these all seem so deadly when naked?~

    Yes they would use more sunscreen but their skin would be healthier, skin needs the sun; same with bug bites just use more repellant for better coverage and now a days you can get things that protect you with out multiple doses so clothed or not you would still use the same amount of product; Splinters? what do you think these people are doing that would cause them to get more splinters? Frost bite, they are naturists not stupid; Sports injuries, again clothed or not you would likely get the same sports injuries unless you are playing a sport that requires a lot of padding and as I said before they are not stupid, the point is to wear only what is necessary; Poison ivy, would be avoided at all costs clothed or not but yes clothing does offer protection from that.

    Also who said you had to be social to be a naturist, from what I have learned most just hang out at home or hike alone, the point is not to see or be seen just be be comfortable.

  12. This must be for folks who do not have temple recommends.


  13. I’m with you ladies, to each their own, but really how do they feel like they are in line with the teachings of the LDS religion. I think it is a little ridiculous. Why are they LDS if they want to be socially naked? And the guy in the video who says he’s in the Bishopric, if he feels like what he is doing is ok, then why hide yourself and change your voice. It’s because he knows he’s doing something contrary to what is associated with his faith.

  14. I’ve thought about it, and can’t imagine ANY circumstances when social nudity fits with LDS teachings. Unless they miss some temple recommend questions and don’t have copies of “for strength of youth” But as you say each to their own !

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  15. I so needed a good laugh today and this post did it for me. It was hilarious.
    Blessings to you for the smile!

  16. This had me laughing out loud!

    I’ve never been one to picture anyone naked, let alone an entire congregation as I am speaking to them. That is one piece of advice I never understood.

    I am with you sistas…I will keep my clothes on and be incredibly happy if those around me keep their clothes on as well!

  17. ~ Since your clothes are already off, do you put your clothes on to let
    your spouse know you would like some alone time with them?

    Well, there was a “compromise” to this mentioned on fMh, that came from a 1960′s vintage Marriage “Help” book: Women should get naked, wrap up in saran wrap, then greet their husbands that way when he gets home from work.

    My wife didn’t think highly of that idea, but I did make one fMh semi-regular reader snort herb tea after I forwarded that one to her, she had missed that one. And, even my “Victorian” mother had heard about this in the 1960′s.

  18. If you become a full time nudist, I saw ways not to recycle bras:

  19. That is definitely NOT how it should be done…lol.

  20. I hope that they exercise the word of wisdom! That would be even more uncomfortable if they didn’t! :-p

  21. Hilarious! (I would love to read that page in Strength of Youth…)

  22. Shudder shake whole body shudder!

  23. As a Bishop, I can tell you that there is never a time when it is appropriate to benide, especially if you have a temple recommend. Those of you who do know the reference I make to the interview. Some may rationalize, but that is a falsehood that comes from the “father of all lies”. Don’t be deceived.

  24. Bishop, there are few times when it’s ok to be nude though, right? Cause we Sistas might need to come in and meet with ya then. ;-)

  25. well, that is a new one for me. I bet attendance at church would go down for the women, maybe not men, but women, yea.

  26. Nudist Mormons?  Well, I have to admit, my folks would finally be on time for Sacrament Meeting . No more running around trying to find “the blouse that goes with that skirt”…”Have you seen my belt?” LOL.

  27. Haha, SusanW that is a plus we hadn’t even thought of!

  28. Now, I wouldn’t consider myself a “nudist” by any means, but I have had the opportunity to sit as a model for figurative art classes and artists, often times in the nude. I’ve always wondered if this was against LDS teachings in any way, but I never could get a straight answer. This is certainly not something I shared with just anybody at church; mostly just those who have an artistic background and understanding of what goes on between and artist and the model. I’ve always considered it to be a privilege to be part of the artistic and creative process, whether nude or clothed.

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