Marriage is What Brings Us Together Today


♫ Tis the season to be married, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la ♫ It’s the last week of June, the busiest wedding month of the year.

Last Saturday the LDS Salt Lake Temple had 80 weddings! The SL temple is closing until August 11th for maintenance, and we’ve been told that the week it reopens there are 300 weddings scheduled! In honor of the nuptial season we want to know; what is best, worst or funniest marriage advice you’ve ever heard? Single saints we want you to chime in too, some of the best advice sometimes comes from those who haven’t tied the knot or those who have tied it and untied it, or tied it, untied it and tied it again.

We’ll start it off, first our good:

  1. A happy wife is a happy life. (Of course happy husbands matter too.)
  2. “Choose your love, love your choice.” ~ Thomas S. Monson
  3. Never begin a sentence with “You always…” or “You never…”
  4. Every day tell your spouse something you love about them.
  5. Never keep score.
Bad/Annoying advice:
  1. Don’t wait to long to have kids your eggs will get dusty. (True story!)
  2. Don’t go to bed angry…just stay up and fight.
  3. Happy is the man/woman that always hears yes.
  4. Don’t ever let your husband see you without your makeup on.
  5. Take a look in the mirror and remember this is the woman that he married…don’t put on a whole bunch of weight and expect him to still love you. (Another true story!)
Funniest advice:
  1. Be careful when your husband asks you to shower, it might just be a ploy to get you dirty again.
  2. If you’re going to argue, argue naked.
  3. Always sleep with a breath mint under your pillow.
  4. The “thought” doesn’t count.
  5. Marriage is marathon not a sprint. (This is just funny to Sista Beehive cause Sista Laurel hates distance running.)

We close with a few words from The Princess Bride:

What is the best, worst, most annoying, funniest or craziest wedding advice you ever been given or have given?

God is a Good God,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel

  • Dale Wight

    I tell about-to-be-fathers-for-the-first men that on Mother’s Days after the birth of their child, do NOT try to float the idea that she’s not *your* mother and so you have no obligation to observe the day for her.  There had best be flowers, gifts, and gushing gratitude for being the mother of your child.  Failure in this will bring a clear explanation — with some energy — of your deficiency.  About 1/3 of the time, the young swain has big eyes and thanks me for the insight.

    On a deeper level, one of the best understandings that I’ve heard came from something my first wife told me.  She explained that women are attracted to Christ because he has all power and they know he always uses it for their benefit, never against them.  From this, I realized that a model husband becomes as strong as he can become in all areas and always uses that strength to bless and protect his wife, *never* against her.  Her knowing that he always does both will bring her peace and will bring him the realization that he’s doing it right.  From this will come a strong foundation upon which to build their family and life together.

  • Robyn

    The best advice came from my husband after we were married.  He would remind me who’s finger he placed that engagement ring on.  So don’t get jealous or insecure.  When I start to feel that way, I look down at my beautiful ring and remember he chose me! 🙂

  • Laura

    These are great!  I have nothing to add, but if you ever do a post on “helpful” advice to single adults about how to find their special someone, I’ve got some real winners for you!

  • Ovaafo7

    Worst advice- “Stop being picky, your not getting any younger.”

    Aging isn’t my problem but being told I’m picky is annonying. Especially coming from married people that I’m sure didn’t just choose just anyone when it came to picking their spouse.

    Funniest advice- “Let a man think that it’s his idea & you’ll get your way.” lol

    Best advice- What’s meant to be together, will come to together when there suppose too be together.

  • GinaJ

    Probably the best advice I heard  was to choose someone who loves the Lord even more than he/she loves you.  It’s a close companion to what Brother Wight shared.

  • Tori Rose

    The best: Don’t marry him. (Sadly, I didn’t listen.)

    The worst: Don’t leave him. (Sadly, I listened.)

    The funniest: We can work it out. (By that time he was nothing but a joke to me.)

    You said those who tied the knot, then untied the knot could put our two cents in so that was mine.

    You Sistas are great! This is where I come to put a smile on my face.

  • Ray

    Any post that is based on a line from “The Princess Bride” is a post worth reading.  Just saying. 

    I love the first funny quote in the OP.  Hilarious!

    Best: It’s not the bad times that destroy most marriages; it’s growing  apart during the good times. 

    Worst: Only marry a returned missionary. (I HATE that one.) 

    Funniest: What was forbidden this morning is a commandment tonight. 

    Btw, one of those marriages on Saturday was the son of our best friends.  My wife was at the temple attending the sealing.  So, she’s part of your stat!!  

  • My husband often tells guys that are having marriage problems: “You can be happy or you can be right” 

  • Sue

    Don’t expect to change your spouse. The only person you can change is yourself.

    So marry someone whose most annoying traits are the ones you are most able to live with!=)

  • Kristin Batchelor

    No marriage advice, but if you ever want funny or annoying advice on how to get pregnant, I have a closetful (we adopted).

  • Oh that is a whole other post girl! We might need to do a post on that too and hit ya up for some that “advice!”

  • That’s excellent advise Sue, the only person we have control over is our self. We gotta fight the urge to take on fixer uppers. Unlike a home you can fix it up and then sell it. Once you invest in a marriage it’s supposed to be yours to keep forever and always.

  • That is true for us gals too. What happens to those of us who are only happy when we are right?

  • Brotha Ray your worst is one that irks us too! Your wife would know how crazy busy it was at the temple then! 

  • Girl, go head with your two cents. The Sistas don’t mind when a person speaks their truth.

  • True, if you love the Lord, you will do as he commanded and love and respect your spouse.

  • People are careful about the cars they pick, the houses they buy, the clothing they wear…shoot even “Choosy moms chose Jif” and that’s peanut girl! If you can be choosy about peanut butter, there is nothing wrong with being cautious in your choice of man.

  • Sista Laura, you should have called into the Sistas in Zion Radio yesterday and given some of your “helpful” advice for single adults, it was Single Saints Sunday! We’ll do a post on though because that’s another category where you get good, bad and crazy advice.

  • That’s right Robyn you are the prize girl!

  • Absolutely wonderful advice Brotha Dale! Especially the part about husbands being strong and using that strength to bless and protect their wife. Amen, and Amen again!