Mormon Women of Color

Jeanette Bennett: Front, White Skirt & Pink Top

When Jeanette Bennett, editor of Utah Valley Magazine, penned the headline “Women of Color” under a picture of her brightly clad, seemingly all white office staff, she had no idea the frenzy it would cause.

How do the Sistas know this? We asked her. After viewing an article entitled “Black Ladies of America: Will you let these Mormons Sit at Your Lunch Counter?” We decided to find out more about the woman Gawker alleged was inviting us to a sit-in.

When you hear the words, “black” and “lunch counter” we don’t know about ya’ll, but we envision something like this:

So we contacted Jeanette to get all up in her business and ask her about the creation of the infamous title, the response it is getting and what she has to say about it all. It turns out that what Jeanette actually asked in her response was, “Can we sit at your lunch table?” Which is a good thing too, because we have already attended our maximum allowed sit-ins for the week.
Apparently some people have already answered Jeanette’s question and told her NO, she can’t sit at the lunch table. Excuse you? You don’t own the table, who made you king of the cafeteria? Jeanette explains that in asking the question, she envisioned a school lunchroom full of tables with different people sitting down, walking over to one of them and asking can I sit here?
Well, come on girl, sit on down, there’s plenty of room, you wanna swap sandwiches, we got lots to talk about. Join the Sistas and Jeanette Bennett at the lunch table this Sunday on Sistas in Zion Radio. We’re Mormon, so you know it’s a potluck!
Halleluja Holla Back,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel
  • Juliagblair

    “Relief from Sobriety, where hilarity never fail-eth”

    Brilliant!! I need more!   Thanks for  the delightful humor!

  • Sue

    I hadn’t heard about this brouhaha. Interesting stuff!


  • We usually like this equation: 
    brouhaha – brou = haha

    But we’re all for open Christ-like conversation.

  • You’re welcome and hopefully you’ll come back often and keep smiling!

  • I heard some talk about this article (via facebook) but I’m interested to hear what she says on Sunday.

  • You’ve got me wanting a sandwich now. 🙂

  • Glad you’ll be tuning in!

  • No that you mentioned it, we could go for one too…lol.

  • Janine

    If she really wants to discus then I’m willing to listen. Her response didn’t make me feel any better and actually made me feel worse! I trust the sistas though, so if you are telling me shes really open then I’ll believe you girls.

    Hoping for the best, Janine

  • Gregger

    In the words of Dr. Frasier Crane; “I’m listening.”

  • David Ashutosh

    I listened to the podcast/interview with Joanna Brooks which as usual
    from her was great. I look forward to hearing this interview.

    If nothing else, I love that the conflict over all this brought me to awareness of the Radio Show here. I am a gay white male with Mormon ancestry and a complex relationship to the LDS church living in Utah Valley, so I understand elements of being diverse with a history of a lot of conflict in the history and plenty in the present related to the LDS church.

    I would love for you ladies to interview Kendall Wilcox at some point about his site: and the upcoming DVD release (said to be in August last I heard unless the project has been delayed).

  • Thanks for putting your trust in us, we think all parties involved are open to having an honest discussion.

  • LOL! Glad you’ll be tuning in.

  • We’re glad you found us David, we love diversity here at SIZ. We’re familiar with Kendall’s BYU “It Gets Better” video and discussed it on an episode of SIZ Radio. We’ll check out the link. Thanks for sharing a little about who you are with us.

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