Sistas in Zion Radio – Single Saints: The Mormon Bachelor + Singles Ward Bishop Doug K. Earl


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It’s a SINGLE SAINTS Sunday at SIZ Radio! Special Guests:

The Mormon Bachelor:

Erin Elton: 32, Los Angeles, CA Public Relations’ Specialist – Erin started The Mormon Bachelor with Aubrey Messick in 2010 and has Produced 4 seasons since. Aubrey found her husband on TMB and they hope that they can help matchmake Chris as well. In her spare time Erin enjoys running, cooking, reading, editing movies, and working in general.

Chris Barbour: 26, Provo, UT Student – Chris is currently attending BYU where he has one year left until he starts dental school. Originally from Sacramento, Chris enjoys hanging out with friends, athletics, especially water sports, and these days dating beautiful and righteous LDS women.

Tiffany Migdat: 27, Claremont, CA Marketing Manager – Tiffany has worked in marketing forever but just went back to school for graphic design. She enjoys, fashion, spending time with family and socializing with friends.

Also the wisdom of a of former singles ward Bishop, Douglas K. Earl:

President Earl is an attorney in Moses Lake, Washington where he formerly served as an LDS singles ward Bishop. He also served an LDS mission in Lima, Peru and as an MTC President in Spain. He is currently enjoying retired life with his wife Connie and serves in the LDS Columbia River Temple.

  • Guest

    That’s my friend Erin!  She rocks.  Go Erin!

  • Angie Bates

    I love my Uncle Doug. He laid down some truths. 

  • He used the phrase “da bomb!” What more can we say!

  • We had a fabulous time interviewing Erin and the rest of The Mormon Bachelor pals!

  • Emma_Koller

    This was the first time I have had the privilege to listen to Sistas in Zion and I LOVED it! You girls asked all of the questions and said all the things I was thinking!  I will definitely be back for more.

  • Sue

    I wish they would find a match for my son! 


  • Sad to see the “Mormon Bachelor” is focusing it’s efforts on someone living in Provo Utah- it’d be far more impressive if they were able to connect people, established in their careers living outside of the promised land. 

  • We see your point on that! 

    There was a bit of a shake up at TMB, the original bachelor for season 4 was Kent Tuttle a dental student in CA and he fell in love with a girl not on the show before the season aired so the show producers had to bring in a new bachelor at the 11th hour. We think in the past they’ve done AZ, the show creators live in CA and applicants are taken from anywhere in the US.We feel ya though, single saints living outside of the Mormon mecca need love too!

  • We could fill out an application for him for season 5!

  • Thanks for finding us Emma, we’re glad you’ll be back!

    Holla atcha girls!

  • Again, I am so amazed at your talents and interviewing guests. What a fun job.
    Keep up the good works and blessings to you both.

  • Thanks LeAnn, these guest really were a lot of fun to interview!