NBA’s Blake Griffin Pubs a Mormon Quote

You might be a Mormon if you’ve seen this quote before, or…

You might be one of NBA super-star Blake Griffin’s 188K Instagram followers. Yesterday Blake Griffin shared an image of a version of a quote used by Mormon church leader, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, in his April 2012, LDS General Conference talk, The Merciful Obtain Mercy.

Blake commented on the photo saying, “#preach,” which means he probably recognized that the message had a church flair. We don’t know if Blake knew he was quoting a Mormon, but somebody did, cause one of his followers commented,”#haveyouheardoftheLDSchurch(Mormon).”

Be careful Blake Griffin, this is how Mormon-celebrity rumors get started and once the rumor is out there you pretty much have to get baptized. We think that’s how the Mormons got Jimmer Fredette and with you and Jimmer plus Jabari Parker this could be the beginning of a Mormon-church-ball superteam! PS: If you become a Mormon you may have to trade your Kia in for a minivan, but it’s a small price to pay for an endless supply of green jello.

Preach On,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel

  • Glee

    I heard this quote (and used it myself) many years before President Uchtdorf ever used it.  It is not new.

  • Sue

    Pretty cool.

    Loved the quote at the time…and the talk that accompanied it.


  • Sistas in Zion

    Really! What about “Stop it?” Tell us that one is at least an Uchtdorf original. We never heard it until President Uchtdorf said it and we definitely never saw it on Pinterest before he said it. I guess it’s like DI (Deseret Industries), old to you new to us…lol. Can the credit go to President Uchtdorf if it helps get Blake in the water? ;-)

  • Sistas in Zion

    It was and is a great talk!

  • Glee

    Sure–give him all the credit you want.  I first heard it from a Sunday School teacher about 20 years ago.  I was struck by the quote then, which is why I remember it so clearly.  Good quotes are good quotes–it doesn’t matter if they are original.

  • Glee

     In fairness, the quote I heard originally was “Lord, please help me to forgive those who sin differently than I do.”

  • Sistas in Zion

    Absolutely! And a good quote becomes a great quote if it can be used to start a Mormon-celebrity rumor!

  • Jocelyn Christensen


  • Sistas in Zion

    And in Prez Uchtdorf’s talk he did say he saw it on a bumber sticker. .. so you’re right it’s not new. 

  • CopperCANYONrAm

    Tell Blake, “The Flying Clipper,” about another angel ‘flying’ in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach unto ALL nations…..
    Rev 14.6

  • None

    Um, preach doesn’t mean he’s alluding to religion anymore. It just means I agree and keep talking.

  • GraceforGrace

    This is a very clever post!  I was ready to spread this rumor far and wide and post it on my blog as well!

    So where did the quote originate from then? 

  • Wakeuphappy

    Actually, President Uchtdorf was quoting a bumper sticker, so it is likely that this NBA star was quoting the same bumper sticker. And yes, the talk was fabulous!

  • TheLongVersion

    Great post!  Even if Blake doesn’t know President Uchtdorf said it, I love it!

  • Angela

    I just started following your blog a matter of seconds ago, led to it by LDS Living email.  Love the humor and the quote!  Thank you for a good laugh this Monday morning :)

  • Sistas in Zion

    Glad we started your Monday off right! Welcome.

  • Sistas in Zion

    He knows now, we were sure to tweet him and tell him.

  • Sistas in Zion

    Yes, Prez Uchtdorf was quoting a bumper sticker, but we like to think Blake was quoting Prez Uchtdorf. Besides it’s hard to read a bumper sticker from inside his limo with a very dark window tint.

  • Sistas in Zion

    True, but the quotes reference to sin probably still brought in the religious connotations.

  • Sistas in Zion


  • Denise Webster

    I am laughing because literally just a couple of days before conference, we had watched this video and laughed our heads off at the common sense, but the hilarity of “therapy.”  We looked at each other in awe as Pres. Uchtdorf spoke wondering if he had seen the same video.  Here’s the clip: 

  • Sistas in Zion

    Hilarious! We’d never seen this one before. We would fall out of chairs laughing if Prez. Uchtdorf said this is where he got it!