Is Nicki Minaj Voting for a Mormon?


A few days ago rapper Nicki Minaj’s lyrics sparked chatter that she was endorsing Mormon presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Minaj spit; “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romeny…” she then goes on to say that lazy people are messing up the economy. (We’re paraphrasing the second part cause we gave up cussing in public this past Lent.)

When questioned about Nicki’s endorsement of Brotha Romeny, President Obama said, “I think she had a song on there — a little rap that said that, but she likes to play different characters, so I don’t know what’s going on there.”

Nicki Minaj is known for having multiple alter egos, they have their own names and everything y’all. If you or the Sistas had a few extra personalities they would test us for schizophrenia, but in Hollywood it’s just fine to have “personas” who talk to you and have their own personalities and voices.

Even the President is on a first name basis with some of Nicki’s personalities. He went on to say, “That was probably Roman who did it.” Roman Zolanski is a popular male persona of Nicki’s. N-E-way it seems like the Prez might have been right since Nicki tweeted this:

We’re still telling ourselves that Her Minajesty might have a sweet spot for us Morms though. In addition to mentioning Brotha Mitt, the song is featured on the album of Lil Wayne’ who mentioned Jimmer Fredette in one of his raps.

Hey Nicki, call us if  one of your personalties is interested in the LDS faith. We can send the missionaries over and we volunteer to be your visiting teachers. Us Mormons have been in the rap game for a long time, but we could always use new talent. Alex Boye does all the rapping for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but maybe you could do a remake of the Mormon Rap!

Peace & Blessings,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel

  • Sue

    I understand they are considering her or have already hired her as a judge on American Idol. Hate to say it, but that is not a choice that excites me…


  • Maybe it won’t be Nicki that shows up maybe it will be one of her other personalities doing the Judge on AI. 😉

  • Laura

    Thank you for this blast from the past!  Either my older brother or one of my older cousins had “Mormon Rap” on one of their cassette tapes, and it made its way into many a mix tape from my junior high school years.  Let me indulge some late 80’s / early 90’s slang to say that I thought the song was totally rad!

  • It’s an oldie, but a goodie!

  • Brohammas

    I’m obviously an old man now as I absolutely cannot look directly at her. She scares me to death. Its like LAdy Gaga and Lil’ Kim combined thier worst qualities and spawned monstraustity.

  • You can’t be too old, you know who Nicki, Lady Gaga and Lil’ Kim are…lol. We’ll send Ms. Minaj a BOM maybe it will spawn a MorMonstrosity instead, we’re not sure that would be better though, ha ha.

  • I am so smiling on this one. I am afraid that politics is having a lot of schizoed moments. However, I do hope her rap stays with Mitt.
    Blessings to you girls!

  • “Schizoed Moments” we love it, we’re going to start using that phrase! Blessings to you too Sista LeAnn

  • Lam

    You do realize that just because someone decides to vote for Romney, that that doesn’t automatically mean that they want to start conversations with missionaries and reading your gospel don’t you? She could just be one of those people who believes in ‘Live and let live’. In addition to her gay fan base, I doubt she would want to join a faith that spent millions so people couldn’t have the right to marry in California. She’d lose 90% of her styling crew.

  • Marie

    So good/painful to hear “The Mormon Rap” again!

  • Kimberlina


    You do realize that the sistas blog is tongue in cheek? As in sarcasm? Meant to be funny? I’m pretty sure the sistas aren’t waiting for Nicki Minaj to take them up on their not-so-serious offer.

  • Dpcpap

    Just found your blog from facebook.  Love it!