SiZ Radio: Glen Dean, Back in the Game – University of Utah Basketball

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Glen Dean, University of Utah Basket Ball

After undergoing life-threatening brain surgery Glen Dean is gearing up to get back on the court this upcoming season at the University of Utah. Glen will be talking to the Sistas about faith and his journey back to basketball.


  1. What a great interview. Glen is a great kid with a great future. No matter who your team is, you can’t help but root for a kid like this.
    Good job as always Sistas!

  2. As faithful Utes, we’re hoping everything goes great for Glen.


  3. We knew you looked like a gal who looked pretty in red! We’re hoping he has a great season too.

  4. He really was a pleasure to interview and you’re right no matter what color you’re down for his personality makes you want to wish him the best!

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