SiZ Radio: 50yrs Happily Ever After + Actor Danor Gerald + Renee Miller


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Rulan and Mary Snow had their first date when Mary was a Sophomore and Rulan was a Jr. at Provo High School He graduated and spent 6 months active duty army reserve while Mary completed High School. He came home December 11, 1961, he and Mary officially got engaged February 14, 1962 and they got married September 14, 1962. He liked it so he put a ring on it! Rulan and Mary Snow are here with us today to share their Happily Ever After…

Actor and comedian Danor Gerald stops by to chat with the Sistas about his latest Vote in 2012 music video.

Renee Miller graduated from BYU and went on to earn a  law degree from Southwestern Law School. It’s hard to sneak anything past this Sista. Not only is she our Legal Department, (y”all heard that, we got a legal department so don’t make us act up) but, if you could get a Youtube Phd, she’d be Dr. Miller already! This Savvy sista isn’t here to advise us on the law today, she’ll be joining us from time to time as an SiZ correspondent, keeping us up on on game cause when it comes to the Mormon community she keeps her ear to the ground and her eyes on the prize. Renee keeps it fresh and real, sometimes too real even for us. Hold on to ya seats as she breaks down what’s happening in this Mormon moment.

  • Thanks to all our fabulous guests this week! We had so much fun having you all on.