Jimmy Kimmel Doesn’t Believe There are Black Mormons


We Sistas were catching up with our brotha from anotha motha, Alex Boye a few weeks ago and he told us he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he didn’t even know it! That’s how famous this brotha is, he gets national TV appearances and can’t even keep track of them.

Y’all know we had to find the video. In an interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone the creators of “The Book of Mormon” musical, Jimmy Kimmel shows Alex Boye’s mug and asks, “Are there black Mormons? I find that hard to believe.” We don’t know why he thinks the dudes from South Park would know the answer to his question, but if you really want to know Mr. Kimmel, the Sistas and Brotha Boye would be happy to come on your show and set the record straight. We’ll have our people call your people, we just need your number Jimmy boo!

Watch Mormons; Jeff Decker, Rose Datoc Dall & Alex Boye on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Glory to God,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel