Do Mormons have street smarts?  Andrew Hales has a YouTube channel that is pretty much a shrine to awkwardness. (Side note from Sista Beehive: He basically acts like Sista Laurel does in real life!) He did a recent video at BYU and we gotta say; some Mormons are real nice when folks are snatchin’ their stuff! These must be the Mormons that are saved, sanctified and Holy Ghost filled. We Sistas are going to try to be more like them and Jesus, but first,  since we “need” the new iPhone 5, we bout to head to Brigham Young University, “borrow” some thangs and repent later. 😉

On the real, we are SOOOO happy we were not on campus that day, it would have been so embarrassing when y’all had to bail us out of jail, just to find out it was all a social experiment.

Check out the video and tell us what you would have done?

Holy is the Lamb,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel

  • Jim in San Antonio

    Wow! I need to get to BYU to get the new iPhone 5 too Sistas!

    You guys are hilarious!

  • Marilyn Daniel

    If that was me, it’ll went waaaay different! UH!, no you can’t use my phone, PERIOD, next question…… (LOL)

  • Alli

    That is hilarious!!!!! I loved when the guy said “I just thought you really needed it” when he was asked why he didn’t chase down the thief. Way to be BYU co-eds!!

  • Leslie Williams

    Cell phone thief is actually an epidemic on college campuses. I live near Florida State University and they have sent out texts to students telling them specifically to not let anyone borrow their cell phone. Also, cell phones are being stolen when the owner is ON THE PHONE!! There it is and now it’s gone!!! 

  • Sue Anderson


    I would have chased ’em down!


  • Gwendolynette

    The sista in me would’ve chase him down and then beat him down!  The mormon in me would’ve prayed that I didn’t get expelled while beating him down.  

    BTW, thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog a few weeks ago.  It meant so much to my husband and I that Sista Beehive and Sista Laurel was checking up on us!  The fact that you read my post AND left a comment makes y’all even cooler!  We love y’all and the blog.  Keep keepin’ it real.  And thanks for making us laugh :)


  • Sistas in Zion

    We feel you Jim and if you get to campus before we do, hook us up 😉

  • Sistas in Zion

    Exactly! We are too fast with the “No boo boo No.” We’re trying to work on it though…lol.

  • Sistas in Zion

    Right! Even as he was gettin’ robbed he thought of the other person. We’re going to try to follow that dudes example, but it goes agains’t everything we learned in the hood to let some body just roll up on you and take your stuff…lol. It is nice to know that if you are stranded and need to make a call that you are likely to find a kind soul at the Y.

  • Sistas in Zion

    While you’re on the phone, that’s cray, cray! Girl that’s when we would really need some bail money cause you don’t just take somebody’s phone while they are using it. What if we are on an important call, like telling ya man what you want for Christmas!

  • Sistas in Zion

    For sure! Phones are expensive.

  • Sistas in Zion

    At least you would have remembered to pray…lol! And you are very welcome, we loved stopping by your blog.

  • Melody

    Thanks for the laugh! These guys are great! And truthfully, I probably would have lent my phone then cursed him — more than once — something along the lines of yelling out across campus, “Bring that back, you little sh*t!” (turn fifty and everyone who messes with ya becomes a little s–t.) Forgive me. I’m working on that weakness. Also: I’m typing this on my iPhone 5. And I’d let the sistas use it. . .

  • Stroked to Life

    Oh wow. “Swear word no you can’t you use my phone- I don’t know you from Adam.” Some people are way to nice!

  • Allana

    That’s a hard one especially with the rise in smart phone theft. I’ve let people use my phone before and immediately thought ” I shouldn’t have done that.” But it’s hard if somene asks to use your phone to say no. I feel bad like “what if they really needed to make that call.”

  • Susan Anderson

    PS. My offering today is a Halloween story poem if you’d like to take a look before the 31st passes us by:

    Halloween Horror: A Ghostly Tale 

  • Sistas in Zion

    Girl if you let us use your iPhone 5 you better have your running shoes on!

  • Sistas in Zion

    We might of let him use it, but once he started running, it would have been on like a pot of neck bones!

  • Sistas in Zion

    It’s true if he had asked us we might have said yes too. But once he starts walking away that’s when the street smarts would of had to kick in. Smart phones cost a couple of paychecks to replace.