Prophet Gives Provo Two Chances at Jabari Parker


In this past Saturday’s morning session of LDS General Conference President Monson announced that LDS young men can know begin serving missions at age 18 instead of 19 and young women at age 19 instead of 21.

While it has wonderful impact for both males and females who have a desire to serve missions, we Sistas are excited about the particular impact it has for young women.

Gone are the days where female missionaries were thought of as the unfortunate ladies who weren’t blessed enough to be married by age 21.

I’m turning in my mission papers will become the new Dear John letter and now the Elders will be waiting for their Sister to come home, yep boys, y’all aint the only ones worth waiting for!

On the real, we think that the lowered mission ages are fantastic and look forward to the changes it brings to the way girls will be counseled about serving missions in the LDS Young Women program.

An inadvertent side effect of the missionary age changes are the options for LDS college athletes. Males can now serve missions straight out of high school and be back in the game at age 20. One must wonder if this option has crossed Mormon high school b-baller, Jabari Parker’s mind?

PS: We are saying many prayers for the MTC trainers who will now be plauged blessed by working with 18 year old boys.

Hallelujah Holla Back,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel

  • imerinoc

    This announcement made my heart grow with joy. As a mom of two daughters I am greatful that this is now an option for them. They won’t have to feel like I did when I chose to get married at the age of 21 instead of going on a mission. I don’t regret getting married but my heart ached a little. I wish this option was available to me. I was so ready to go at 19.
    p.s. I LOVE your blog.

  • Susan Anderson

    I think the new age is especially important for young women. It’s much better, in my humble opinion, for them to be able to go at age 19. It’s funny, though, I have a feeling some of the 18-year-old boys might need to wait a year anyway, for maturity reasons. I’m sure a number of them will be ready, though.


  • GLu

    Such an wonderful news for the girls… and yep, I think that that old thought about women who serve missions is going to disappear…