Sista Beehive on Black Mormons on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


When I got the call that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart wanted to talk to black Mormons about our assumed voting dilemma the first thing I said was, “how did you get my number?” Cause where I come from you guard your phone number as much as you do your social security number.

After I found out who I needed to call and cuss out  talk to about sharing my digits I said, “I’ll think about it and let you know.” That was three months ago and obviously I eventually said yes.

Here’s what I want y’all to know; we filmed for THREE, I repeat THREE hours. And I think that Jon Stewart might have something against Mormons cause craft services (that’s what the call the people who feed you in showbiz) was no where to be found and we were HUNGRY. Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t believe that black Mormons exist and Jon Stewart is trying to starve to death the ones who do. That’s probably why the black republican guy was so angry.

And what they call argumentative and intolerant we call famine without a fast. When they locked a group of black people in a room for three hours without feeding them, what did they think would happen? They lucky we didn’t start Hunger Games up in there. I’m sayin’ not a drop of green jello was to be found. Well when we die I hope that Jon Stewart knows to get the funeral potatoes ready.

At the end of the day the Sistas would consider going on The Daily Show again, but we are going to have to send him a rider with our list of demands cause Sistas gotta eat. And keep this on the DL, but Jon Stewart might moonlight as a Mormon Bishop cause none of us got paid to be on the show, y’all I think Jon Stewart tried to give me a calling!

Ps: All of us in the video actually know each other and are good friends, not that we’re saying all black Mormons know each other…cause that would sound crazy…

Check out Sista Beehive on The Daily Show in the video below:

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The Black Mormon Vote
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Praise God Almighty,
Sista Beehive

  • .

    I didn’t realize YOU were on the show! I’m watching this tonight and am excited to cheer you on.

  • SkippyMom

    If the Jon Stewart show every wanted to have ME on their program (which I sincerely doubt would ever happen) I will be sure to pack a LUNCH!  They deliberately set you all up to look upset! 

  • Natalie

    You rocked it! 🙂

  • Alice W Gold

    a sista’s got eat, black or not. lol

  • Emma K.

    Love it! 

  • Your commentary on the experience was way funnier than the actual footage the Stewart show did! Talk about awkward!

  • Your line about the republican being the angry black man was amazing. 

  • Pvillespunky

    I simply loved this, your commentary as well as the video. This whole election campaign has put me in an uncomfortable position since I’m a staunch Democrat, Black and LDS living on the East Coast.  I’ll just be overjoyed when it’s November 7th……

  • Wow, what a moment. I am sorry they didn’t feed you. You know that all Mormon’s expect a treat of some kind at most of their meeting. The interview was interesting and funny, of course.
    Blessings to you!

  • Chrissy Gavin

    What a fun focus group! But I loved your writing on not being fed even better! You are so funny!

  • Corban Tillemann-Dick

    This is outstanding!

  • Brohammas

    When you say voting “based on race” you come off as misinformed, or just uninformed. Black people historicly, and currently, tend to vote Democratic due to the parties stance on issues that disspraportionately affect black people. Jesse Jackson ran for pres and did not win the black vote… despite his blackness.
    Perhaps you don’t understand because you don’t fully understand the issues, or understand the lived experience of black people.
    regarding your second paragraph, perhaps you should pause to reflect the Republican’s history on the abortion issues and his likelihood to do anything regarding that issue. Abortion is a political red herring (and I am 100% pro life).

  • Isis Jones

    I thought it was funny but then again, I’m voting for Obama

  • Matt


  • Ed

    I loved it!!! Hello America, we are all brothas and sistas, and that’s from a white, Irish, French, English . . .Christian Constitutional Libertarian Republican

  • Kevin Barney

    I though you were great, Sista Beehive!  Well done.

  • Matt

    The guy in the back came off as informed, rather than angry. Not sure why the guy in the front thought he sounded “white”. Is voting based on the issues instead of race a white thing? As a white person, I guess I should take that as a compliment, but I was offended for free-thinking black people.

    All people who profess to believe in Christ should pause and reflect before casting a vote for the man who fought against a partial-birth abortion ban or affiliating themselves with a political party that openly fights against the rights of Christians.

  • Isis Jones

    That was one of my favorite Daily Show clips. Sorry to hear they didn’t feed you

  • Susan Anderson

    That was so much fun to watch, and I’m really glad you put it up here!
    Can’t believe they didn’t feed you!!!


  • You tell ’em, sistas!

  • Seth

    Loved this!!! Thanks for representing us so well!

  • Paul Wake

    Rock Master Beehive!

  • JG


  • JG

    Good response.

  • JG

    How many Relief Society Sisters does it take to change a light bulb?  Three.  One to change the light bulb, and two to serve refreshments.  A shame they didn’t feed you. Hope you had at least some fun on the show.

  • Joshua Weed

    Sista Beehive! You absolutely stole the show. I loved your post, too. Very funny. Great job!

  • NICE!  Now, did I hear Jessica right that there are “70 Black Mormons”?   Regarding craft services, I don’t want to make excuses (especially for 3 hours).  But there may have been some confusion over kosher Mormon food, and then the race thing, and then….  SQUIRREL!   Add kicked in. 

  • Sherri

    Loved your interview. Like your humor and sassy attitude, too. You rock!

  • Matt

    so you don’t think that black people voted for Obama over Hillary Clinton because he is black? You also don’t believe that black people turned out to vote in historic numbers because Barack Obama is also black?

    This is a guy who was running for president before he knew where the Senate restrooms were. We’re talking about the least qualified, least prepared presidential candidate in American history. If he was white with those credentials (or lack thereof), he would not have sniffed the democratic nomination, much less the presidency.

  • Matt

    As for abortion, you are correct it is a political red herring. However, there are degrees of pro-choice and degrees of pro-life. There are issues of using taxpayer money to fund abortions, parental consent, late-term or partial-birth abortions, and in general, encouraging it versus allowing it.

    The Democrats have become more and more radical on the issue of abortion, to the point of forcing hospitals to perform abortions under Obamacare even when it goes against their religious beliefs.

    Don’t pretend that both parties are the same on the issue.

  • Marcia

    I love Jon Stewart, and I loved your appearance on the show. It was so funny. And, now I love your website.

  • Joanne

    Very memorable! Really enjoyed your write-up. The man next to you — should I recognize him? He looks familiar.

  • mandy bridgeforth

    LOVED it!!!

  • wreddyornot

    Fun and well done! Thanks.

  • Erin Wood

    Great job!  

  • Michael

    This whole segment is horribly racist; the basic premise is that black Americans are stereotypically expected to vote for Obama and if they don’t, it’s a deviation from the norm worthy of a television interview.

    That it happened on Comedy Central only reenforces the notion; It can only be addressed as comedy because any real dialogue would be met with cries of racism and bigotry.

  • Tamu, It was a great surprise seeing you on the Daily show. Thank you for asking people say President Obama. That drives me nuts when they don’t. 

  • BDUB

    Thank you for making them address Brother Obama as President Obama. I do the same thing when talking to people. Great job on The Daily Show!

  • Jerry

    I am not so interested in politics, but Sistah – you I like…

  • Lo

    People dropped using the word “President” long before Obama. How many times have we all said just Bush or Clinton?

  • DeepintheHeart

    Sista, you rock!