Gangnam Style Done Mormon Daddy Style


Gangnam Style fever has been sweeping the world, but in case you are not one of the over 680 million people who have viewed the video you can watch it here. This should explain why you may have seen people looking like they are riding imaginary ponies in random places like the grocery store.

When something goes viral the way Psy’s Gangnam Style has, you best believe there will be parodies (the Sistas at least always have our fingers crossed for it). 
Check out this Gangnam Style parody; Mormon Daddy Style. This is what happens when Daddy stays home with the kids y’all, they end up on YouTube.

Love Thy Neighbor,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel

  • I love Sistas In Zion!  Thanks for sharing the video! 

  • Susan Anderson


    Babies bustin’ out all over the place…


  • Kristin Klein

    Give me a good ol’ Mormon – oh my freakin’ heck for this one 😀