Mormon Tattoos

Mormon tattoos? Given the LDS church’s counsel against tattooing, you might assume that they don’t exist, but au contraire. Here’s some Mormon themed ink from around the web:

This is a tattoo of President Gordon B. Hinckley, 15th President of the LDS church. Who actually spoke about not getting tattoos on more than one occasion. Maybe this person needed constant reminder of President Hinckley’s words.

This gentleman held an Ebay auction for prime real estate…on his face. He brought in $15,000.00 for this tattoo of Mormon presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s logo. We’re not clear on if he paid tithing on any of the proceeds.
Honor code unapproved, but BYU school spirit nonetheless.

Got a Mormon seminary test on Latter-day prophets? This might help.
We bet this person’s favorite hymn might be, “I Love to See the Temple.”
CTR means Choose The Right…as in choose the right tattoo?
Is this the place for Brigham Young Tattoos?

Clearly proud to be a Latter-day Saint.

So what does a Mormon with tattoos have to say? On SiZ Radio, we recently interviewed Al Fox, who joined the LDS church three years ago and sports some pre-baptism-ink. Her advice to folks thinking about tattoos was; “don’t do it.”

What do you think about ink?

Jesus is Joy,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel


  1. Ha, I used to tease my inked up brother (non-practicing Mormon) about getting a CTR tattoo.  He did end up doing it, but placing the CTR initials not on a shield, but a tombstone.  I’m just flattered he took my advice for something so permanent, I try not to think about what it implies. :) I love him lots, tattoos and all.

  2. You guys are the best! I love all the new ideas you drop on your page.

    Please keep up the good work….

    A little birdie told me that I should be on the lookout for a book from you guys early next year – I can’t wait!

  3. Does this mean I can get a tattoo?

  4. These are too funny. Especially the back filled with prophets and the temple arm. How ironic!!

    I’m not into tats at all. But I sure did enjoy this post!


  5. This made me smile. You guys are wonderful.

  6. Oh my gosh; I would have never thought that there were individuals out there that would put mormon symbolism on their bodies. Very interesting! I would dare say that at sometime in their lives they will regret this. I have a great nephew that has tattoo’s all over his body except for his face. He was in a radical group. He is now married with two children and doing well. I would dare say he hates that he had this done.

  7. I love my ink. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s like an artwork journey of how I left the Church, it’s my life and speaks to me.

  8. For those who do it while they are members of the church, really?

  9. Im definetly getting that back tat tht says “Latter-Day Saint”

  10. anothertattooedmormon

    im heavily tattooed and at one point in my life i was working towards a full body suit, of course that has changed and my life is much different today than it was 20 and even 2 years ago but i would never encourage anyone to put a tattoo on their body

  11. Ink more important than Gospel?

  12. I’m a latter day saint and am looking into getting inked. It’s shameful to know that some members judge those with tattoos, it’s not a commandment to look a certain way. I’m also a guy with long hair but my bishop called for me to be the primary pianist.

    • We’re supposed to follow the prophets– and the prophets have said “Don’t get tattoos.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re not being very righteous when we judge others, even if they know better. But we’re also supposed to not put up stumbling blocks for our fellow members that would offend them (like, say, getting a tattoo, which we’re already not supposed to get).

  13. My life is more important than your gospel and that is why I left. My tattoos mean the world to me and they are my journal of my journey over the past few years. I’d be happy to chat with you about them if you have any questions. =)

  14. Porter Rockwell

    Hahah I am the guy with latter day saint tattoo on the back! Do you want to see my arm with Sunstone and Moon and Star ?:) I ll post a link!

    Honestly if I go to Hell because of my tattoos I would feel that I lived life well. I am pretty sure tattoos would be the least of my concerns on a judgement day. Personally I do not recommend getting tattoos to anyone mormon or not. But living where I am with thisTattoo on my back helps me do the missionary work. I get to talk about Church pretty much every time I got to the gym or attend pool parties. I am a sinner yes ,that is why I go to Church every Sunday. THis is not just a tattoo to show off this is a scar on my soul that is just imprinted on my imperfect mortal body.

  15. Porter Rockwell

    I got LDS symbols so I dont forget who am I:) and stay active. But I get what you mean!;))

  16. Porter Rockwell

    No Gospel is more important. This is personal between person and Heavenly Father. These are just visible sins. You should worry about your sins that others cant see but you still have them. It is easy to come to certain conclusions but it takes what Jesus taught lots of LOVE for thy neighbor just to try to understand thy neighbor or at least not to judge

  17. I hope you see this – I just started a subreddit called r/LDSInk. I was wondering if I could use that picture of you and your back as part of our cover design? The sub is for active LDS folk who have ink. if I can use it, would you e-mail me at (and if you have it, a good resolution pic) so I can put it up? That would be awesome if you could!

  18. Hey all, as a fellow LDS member w/ink, I wanted a place to chat with others. Since this is just a post on a different site, any of you redditors should check out r/LDSINK. (http://www.reddit/com/r/LDSInk). It just started, but I’m trying to grow it so we have a place to chat and whatnot.

  19. EwR,
    Your URL is wrong. It should be
    I have a tattoo for recovery from an event in my life. It was for my ownership and reclaiming of my body.

  20. I wouldn’t if I were you. I have a friend that would love to have his gone. The problem is it hurts to get rid of them. And it is very costly to get rid of tattoos!

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