Blacks in the Scriptures: Marvin Perkins


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Tune in as the Sistas chat with Marvin Perkins, co-creator of the Blacks in the Scriptures series.

Marvin Perkins

  • I think it’s all of the members of the church on a personal level seeing the need to change our attitudes that has the biggest impact for positive change.

  • Ramona Gordy

    Wow, thanks so much for this informative broadcast. Sister Laurel and Sister Beehive, bless you for your service, you ladies are hysterical.
    I really appreciate Brother Perkins for explaining the mission of “Blacks in the Scriptures” and it is indeed a mission. I also appreciate his focus of “line upon line and precept upon precept”. When I was investigating the church of Jesus Christ of LDS, I had some hard questions for my missionaries, which they answered the best they could. There is a more lighter shade of brown in my ward, but we are progressing. 
    In Isaiah 42:7 the mission of the Savior and ultimately us is to : Open the eyes of the blind; to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and those who sit in darkness from the prison”
    Brother Perkins has light the lamp of education, not only for the darker shades of brown, but even for the lighter shades, and I know that if we all partake together, think how much better we will be. But I sense in Brother Perkins,shades of Dr King’s advocating  of a peaceful movement, whereby it starts with the one, who in supplication and prayer will motivate others to “come out of the prison of racism”. This is the right time for this, as we prepare for the coming of the Savior, no unclean thing can abide in  his presence, so racism even in His church, shall not be named among us.
    I love you ladies keep up the work, endure till the end.    

  • Darryl

    Great Interview! What a great guest, and an important discussion that needed to take place.

    Thanks Sistas!