Moving from Mormon Nursery to Primary Can Be Rough!

Got any tips for parents of kiddos who are finding it hard to transition from Nursery to Primary? Friends of all faiths, how do you get your kids excited about Children’s Sunday School?

Go With God,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel


  1. Thelibraryinequality

    My daughter’s birthday is very late in the year, and she had a horrible time with the transition.  One year later she still only goes half the time.  I really wish I had kept her in nursery another year.  I didn’t even think about it until it was too late.  I have no idea how the leaders would have reacted, but I would have been very insistent.  She was not ready for primary.

  2. Stephanie Pittman

    When it comes to nursery transition to the big leagues of Junior Primary, I feel that each child and parent should be allowed to make that “walk” when the child is ready.  However, during that “transition” time, the opportunity to visit Jr. Primary could be included in a once a month invitation to sharing time and music time.  On the other hand, if you have a teenager and he’s still reluctant to leave Nursery, I’d say you have a problem on your hands!
    Blessings to all!

  3. We sing Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam at our church too (Christian non-denominational). Is there something different for Mormons regarding this song?

    To get our kids excited about the Youth Sunday Classes we use music. The kids love the tambourines and drums especially, it seems to help get them excited to praise, worship and learn.

  4. LizeeT – The class for 18months to 3 year olds is called Nursery and the class for 3 year olds is called “Sunbeams” so the boy in the cartoon is saying he has to move up because he has to be a Sunbeam now. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam is a great song, isn’t it?

  5. That is cute! I like naming the groups, we just just call them Youth Sunday Classes and have different age groups. What do you name all the  other ages?

  6. It’s really hard to go from two hours of mostly play to two hours of mostly sitting.  One ward I was in didn’t have the 3 YOs go to Sharing Time until June or so.  The music leader went into the Sunbeams class to do singing with them, and they had a short-ish lesson, an art project, a walk around the building and extra playtime.

    It’s kind of bad form to ask a 3-year-old to sit through almost an hour of children giving hard-to-hear talks, sharing time lessons on esoteric topics and administrative minutiae (the singing is often okay).  Then another hour of time cooped up in a classroom with cinderblock walls, not much in the way of windows, no snacks and a harried teacher trying to keep them happy for an hour.

  7. Charlotte Marie Neeley

    my little girl just got left in nursery by all of her friends. she wiil turn 3 early this year, and all her friends turned 3 late last year, so it’s just her and 2 kids who are between 18 months and 3 years.  it’s been a hard “transition” for her– she used to LOVE going to nursery, now she cries because she wants to be a sunbeam with her friends (also, she sees to have gotten the idea that Jesus goes to the sunbeam class, so she’s upset she cant go to “Jesus’ Sunbeam class.”

  8. Sunbeams are the only ones with a unique name. The rest are CTR (stands for Choose The Right) 4, CTR 5, CTR 6, CTR 7, Valiant 8, Valiant 9, Valiant 10, and Valiant 11. And in most wards the Valiant 11s (and I think Valiant 10s) are splint into a boys’ class and a girls’ class. The number is the age of the children on Jan 1. So anyone who was 4 years old on Jan 1st of this year is in the CTR 4 class, anyone who was 5 is in CTR 5, ect.

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