SiZ Radio: Choose the Write – Mckenzie Wagner + Tristi Pinkston

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This week on Sistas in Zion Radio we are CHOOSING THE WRITE! Tune in as we chat with Mckenzie Wagner, 12 year-old published author, and Tristi Pinkston, author and managing editor of

Mckenzie Wagner is 12 years of age and has adored reading since she was four years old. Her love of books inspired her to write books of her own and she completed the first book of “The Magic Wall Series”, “The Magic Meadow and the Golden Locket” at the early age seven and the second book “The Blue Lagoon and the Magic Coin” shortly thereafter. Her most recent book is Benotripia: The Rescue.

McKenzie wishes to obtain an English degree, teach elementary school and continue in her pursuit and love of writing. She is already working to obtain college credits towards her degree. She currently resides in Utah, with her mom, dad, and her six-year-old brother, Ty.

Tristi Pinkston is the author of fourteen books, the mother of four children, the wife of one husband, the taker of very long naps, and the reader of thousands upon thousands of books, but she wishes to go on record as stating that she has never once locked her keys in her car, and the one time she thought she had, she was mistaken.

Tristi is a freelance editor and a popular presenter at writers conferences. She finds great joy in helping other authors achieve their dreams. She sits on the board of directors for iWriteNetwork and is the managing editor for

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