SiZ Radio: Finished Being Fat + The Sabre Rattlers


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Betsy Schow: After many years of unhappiness and being unpleasantly plump, Betsy Schow found her way to weight loss success and a better life through the Philosophy of Finishing. She shares it all in her first book, Finished being Fat. Her adventure inspired her to certify in yoga and fitness so she could help others achieve their goals. You can find her running around the mountains of Utah, wrangling her two small children, chained to her laptop writing young adult fiction or reporting for the local newspaper. Learn more about Betsy at

Mark Abernathy: He always wanted to create an album of hymns thus his band The Sabre Rattlers was born. The project features guitarist Mark Abernathy and a rotating cast of contributing musicians and friends, including Bukka Allen (the Bodeans), Kim Deschamps (Cowboy Junkies), Glenn Fukunaga (Dixie Chicks, Bob Dylan), Warren Hood (the Waybacks), Teal Collins from the Mothertruckers and Grammy Award-winning producer Lloyd Maines playing dobro. Twixt Me and the Peaceful Rest, their first album, was a hit so they’re now running a Kickstarter campaign to fund their second.

 Mark Abernathy’s rendition of Come, Come Ye Saints