Post LDS General Conference Review {April 2013}

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LDS General Conference just wrapped and now the Sistas will be giving their thoughts and takes on all 5 Sessions, so tune in!


  • LeAnn Williams

    I will look forward to listening to this one. You two always are so fun. Love following your posts. Blessings and hugs!

  • Susan Anderson

    This will be great to listen to! My favorite talks were Elder Holland’s and the Guatemalan guy’s that spoke about marriage. (Can’t remember his name.)


  • Kory Booher

    My mom said your tweets kept her awake during conference. I said “Those are my girls!” Love you two!

  • Sistas in Zion

    That is a very sweet compliment. Tell mama Booher, we said Thanks! To be honest twitter stake, & reading other people’s tweets keeps err’body awake :). Where was twitter when we used to have to drive over to the stake center and sit in the dark for two whole hours???

    God knew what he was doing when twitter got invented! He did it for the Mormons :).

  • Sistas in Zion

    Sista Susan, We could Amen, Elder Holland’s talk loud enough! As quietly as we like to worship, when Elder Holland takes the stand, our inner-Holy Ghost get’s all kinds of loud! Talk about a preacher that can set the room on fire…. We got ‘em! Elder Falabella, didn’t do so bad either! We love conference!

  • Sistas in Zion

    Thank you LeAnn, we love the fact that you not only read our stuff, but you are always willing to leave us a comment. You Rock! Let us know what you think :).

  • Stephen Bennett

    Please pray regarding the memorandum.

    Grant H. Palmer, historian and author of “An Insider’s View of Mormonism” and “The Incomparable Jesus” provides a memorandum of the three meetings he had with a general authority in 2012/13.

  • John Pack Lambert

    There is no one who meets the description that Palmer provides in his memorandum, he is either misinformed about the background of his contact on totally making the whole story up.

  • John Pack Lambert

    One of the newly called general authorities is from Zimbabwe.