God Be With You Till You Meet Again

This morning Frances B. Monson, wife of LDS church President, Thomas S. Monson passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Monson family and all who love Sister Monson. GOD BE WITH YOU TILL YOU MEET AGAIN.

Below is a touching video tribute from Mormon Times on the loving life of Sister Frances B. Monson:

God Be With You Till You Meet Again,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel


  1. Thanks for posting this video. So touching, and I enjoyed learning a little more about Sister Monson, especially coming from a daughter.


  2. LeAnn Williams

    I have been reading Pres. Monson’s autobiography and he is such a wonderful man and prophet. His wife has had a load to carry through the years due to all of the traveling and assignments he has had. I admire her so much and I know she will be greatly missed by many.
    Thanks for sharing this one!

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