SiZ Radio: Jennifer Borget, Baby Making Machine + Meres-Sia Gabriel, Author of “I Twirl in the Smoke”

Jennifer Borget is a news reporter and anchor by day, and a mom 24/7. In 2008 when her career dreams were getting clouded by baby fever she decided to start a blog documenting her thoughts. Thus Baby Making Machine, was born. She officially became a “baby making machine” in 2010 with the birth of her daughter and Jennifer recently welcomed kiddo number 2, a bouncing baby boy. Now her blog shares her journey through motherhood, trial and errors of becoming a Domestic Diva, and her busy life doing the mom thing while juggling a competitive career.

Meres-Sia Gabriel is an author, musical poet and public speaker. In 2011, she published a book of poems and stories entitled I Twirl in the Smoke. She has been invited to perform and speak at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, in Ashland, Oregon; The University of the Earth in Chiapas, Mexico; and at the EDELO Cultural Center in San Cristobal, Mexico. She also teaches creative writing workshops throughout the Bay Area. A high school French teacher for nine years, Meres-Sia has taken a break from the classroom to pursue her artistic passions. She is now working on an album.

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