More Modern Modesty with Chandra Leonardo


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Chandra D. Leonardo is a technology integration teacher by day and a blogging and social media machine by night. As a former college student who worked three jobs (yes, at once), she knows how to cut corners when it comes to saving money, and scoring clothes that are affordable and modest. Born and raised in the Apostolic Pentecostal faith Chandra’s parents always taught her and her sister that they were to dress in modest apparel because God’s Word explicitly said so. She was always the girl in a skirt; Chandra never wore pants (and does not own a pair of pants to this day), her ears are not pierced nor have they ever been, she doesn’t wear jewelry, doesn’t wear makeup, and even wore a skirt during Physical Education. Check her out at (More Modern Modesty)!

  • Margaret Blair Young

    Will there be candlelight vigils in Utah for Trayvon Martin? There will be many in Florida. Rev. Sharpton will be there tomorrow.

  • Susan Anderson

    Boy, she takes modesty to a whole new level!

  • LeAnn Williams

    I loved her styles and especially the shoes. It is refreshing to see more modest attire. I am amazed at the styles of today. It is hard to find modest styles and everything fits so tight.
    Loved this one and blessings to you both!

  • C Wilhelm Here’s a magazine promoting modern modesty with today’s fashion!