Sunday Best: What Does Sunday Best Mean?

Sunday best may mean something different to each of us, but here’s what it means to the Sistas.

We come from families where we were taught to dress up for Jesus! Amen and praise the Lord. For our mamas that meant Sunday best.

Sunday best n. One’s best and often most formal clothing.
[From the practice among Christians of wearing one's best clothing to attend church on Sundays.] 

Sunday best never meant wearing clothes that we couldn’t afford or acting like going to church was all about who wore it best. (Ok, to keep it real, where we come from Easter Sunday is a lil’ bit of a fashion show, but they’re fashions of faith on the runway for righteousness!)

Our families taught us that God is good so when we go to praise Him we give Him our best. And that’s what Sunday best is to the Sistas. On Sundays we don the best of what God has blessed us with.

Thank the Lord for what we’ve got, you know we love some polka dots! Sista Beehive added pops of color to her navy and white polka dot dress by accessorizing with bright yellow, while Sista Laurel wore muted accessories and let her church hat bring out the personality in her polka dots.

Sista Beehive

  • Dress: Dillards
  • Jacket: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Ross
  • Accessories: Help an old lady clean her house and you’ll get some of the best jewelry!

Sista Laurel

  • Skirt: Sears
  • Shirt: Macy’s
  • Shoes: Ross
  • Hat: Papaya
  • Accessories: Kohls
Let us know what you’re rockin’ on Sundays by using the hashtag #SundayBestSiZ. What does “Sunday best” mean to you and your family?
Hallelujah Holla Back,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel


  1. You guys rock the Sunday Best look!! Gorgeous ladies! :)

  2. Right now with my 6year old it means any pair of non-jeans that don’t have holes in them… Seeing as its he end of summer it’s hard to hit that criteria every week, but we try! My 13 month old loves to choose her favorite dress on Sundays (or any day of the week)

  3. We know how that goes! Sometimes getting k-i-d-s ready on a Sunday morning will have you thanking God that you just didn’t end up at church with no clothes on…LOL!

    When toddlers get a favorite item of clothing they will wear the mess out of it.

  4. Thanks Mikki! And we loved your comment on FB “it’s a way of presenting our best selves to the Lord, showing Him my love and respect by stepping outside of my usual everyday sloppiness…” That’s what we feel too, we can offer God a lil’ more effort on Sunday.

  5. You have said it so perfectly. We are getting a little too casual in our Sunday dress sometimes. Thank you for giving us the reasons to dress up in our best, to honor Jesus.

  6. Exactly! Sunday best is a small outward way that we can honor the inner feelings for our Savior.

  7. I love this part: “Our families taught us that God is good, so when we go to praise Him we give Him our best.” Absolutely agree! We need to wear the very best of what we own. I wish I could issue a memo to my ward: “Enough with the ratty ol’ sandals and nasty, black-toed flip flops at church already.” But hey, we’re awfully glad you’re here. :)

  8. Our mamas had some very strict Sunday Best rules. We know everyone’s home is different, but in ours flip flops were a no-no.

  9. I’ve never been one to go overly casual with my Sunday dress and that was enforced in my at BYU-Idaho when Sister Bednar gave a talk and said that denim skirts should not be worn at a Sunday service. It made perfect sense to me that we should always dress up. But since being a mom of young children I started to get a little more casual than I felt I should. So at the beginning of this year, when my husband was called as Elder’s Quorum president, I decided that I needed to set a better example. No more hair in a messy pony tail or skirts that I would wear to the park. I kicked it up a notch and now almost every Sunday somebody makes a comment to me about how I look. While I appreciate the compliments, it makes me sad when people comment in a such a way that I shouldn’t dress the way I do. I don’t dress provocatively and everything I wear is very modest. But sometimes I feel chastised for taking the time to make myself look beautiful. Along the lines of, ‘Wow, you must have a huge closet of really nice clothes’ (not true, most of my stuff is from the thrift store) or ‘wow, your hair always looks so perfect you must spend so much time doing it every week’ (again, not true, I just plan ahead). We are at church on time almost every Sunday and my kids are always dressed to the nines as well so I don’t know what some people’s problems are. Oh well. My problem is when people spend so much time gussying themselves up that it makes them late or their kids don’t look their best. I understand that with families, it’s hard (believe me, it’s a fight with my brood of 4 every week!) but we should teach our kids from an early age what it means to show respect.

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