The Story of Elijah Ables with Russell Stevenson

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Russell Stevenson is an independent researcher who also moonlights as an instructor at Salt Lake Community College. He has been studying Mormon history online and in the archives for nearly twenty years. He learned his first lesson of historical analysis from his father: if you’re going to drink water from a river, drink it from the source, not after all the cows have waded in it. The Sistas will be chatting with Russell about his recent book, Black Mormon: The Story of Elijah Ables.

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  • Susan Anderson

    Shoot. I missed this. I guess I’ll go listen to it after the fact. Thanks! Sounds fascinating.

  • Sistas in Zion

    No worries, you can listen any time. It was a good convo and we learned some new things about Elijah Abel that we didn’t know before.

  • David J. Larsen

    Russell Stevenson is the bomb! I am familiar with his research on this topic and he has done an excellent job with it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sistas in Zion

    He did do an excellent job and we think he is da bomb dot com! :-)