Mormon Survivor Dawn Meehan + Jack and Sherry Weyland

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Dawn Meehan is a cast member from CBS’s Survivor South Pacific and Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites–where she was the first runner-up in the million dollar prize. She’s is also a wife and mother of six children (all beautiful and all adopted!). Currently a motivational speaker, blogger, and part-time English instructor at Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah, Dawn enjoys spending time with her kids (ages 8-18) and her husband/best friend of 22 years, Dave. Together, they are doing they’re best to challenge themselves, grow, and live a life filled with purpose and JOY!
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Because most of Jack Weyland’s education has been in physics and math, the ability to set and keep goals has been largely responsible for his success as a writer of LDS novels.

As a young adult, he set a goal to write a story for a church magazine. Years later, he sent a story to The New Era which was published. Brian Kelly, the editor, encouraged him to write more stories, which he did. Over fifty of his stories have been published in The New Era.

As a bishop, he was once interviewing a girl in his ward about her goals. She asked him if he had any goals. He sheepishly had to admit he didn’t. Soon after, he set a goal to write an LDS novel. That book is Charly. Over thirty others followed. Deseret Book has sold more than a million copies of Jack’s books.

The success of Charly made it possible for Jack to write novels about difficult issues such as drug abuse, date rape, teen age pregnancy. Based on letters sent to Jack, these books have been helpful to many people.

On May 12, 2012 Jack received the 2011 Whitney Award for outstanding achievement as an LDS writer.

Jack met his wife jn 1963 when they were both participants at the Hill Cumorah Pageant, he as a missionary and she as a “local” volunteer. She sang a song during one of their devotionals, and he conducted one of their meetings. A year later they were in the same line at registration at BYU, he turned to her and asked, “Weren’t you in the Hill Cumorah Pageant last year?” Turns out that is a great pick up line! He walked her to her dorm, and the rest is history.

Jack and Sherry have five kids and 18 grandchildren. The hardest part of serving a mission for them is leaving their grandchildren.

Jack has served as a bishop twice, once in Rapid City, South Dakota, and once in a campus ward at BYU Idaho. One of his favorite calls has been to be the assistant stake beekeeper for a welfare project in South Dakota. From that came a love for bees. “Bees are our friends,” he is often heard to stay.

From 2006-2007 Jack and Sherry served a mission in the New York New York South Mission where they taught institute to young single adults. In June they returned from a second mission in the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission, again teaching institute to young single adults but also teaching institute for the BYU Idaho Pathway Program. (We would love to talk about this program so we can tell you about Sista Ruth and others we came to love.)

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