Hot Wife, Helpful Husband?

What happened to happy wife, happy life? A new study says husbands are happier in their marriages when their wife is attractive.

An article in the Huffington Post says that Men With Attractive Wives Report Higher Levels Of Marital Satisfaction. 450 newly weds agreed to be subjects in a 4 year study to find out if men with good-looking wives are happier than men with not-so-cute wives? Say what!

First of all, was research really necessary? Cause the moment your man says; “Hey baby, you wanna enter this study to find out if I’m gonna be as happy with an unattractive wife as this other guy with the attractive wife?” He was destined for the most miserable four years of his life.

Second of all, why are people marrying people that they don’t find attractive. Third of all, how much money did the participants get paid to admit that they found their spouse unattractive, and for wives to be cool enough with it that they kept participating for four years. Did this study also come with some marriage counseling?

The article also said that when husbands felt they were better looking than their wives “They didn’t seem to be quite as motivated to help out their wives when they were more attractive than their wives.” So let’s get this straight…a husband who thinks he is the cat’s meow, and that his wife is kitty litter, and is not pulling his weight around the house; finds that his marriage isn’t going so well. You don’t say!

Now don’t get us wrong, we believe that both people in a marriage should consider the things that attracts their spouse to them. But may we suggest to husbands everywhere (especially those dudes that are married to us) that y’all remember that the bible says; “It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.” (Proverbs 21:19) So, if you’re a husband who signs up for the attractive wives study, and you are not in the; I-think-my-wife-is-so-hot-I-get-burned-when-I-hug-her-group, should you be shocked if you end up sleeping outside?

What do y’all think, does a beautiful spouse make a beautiful marriage?

Hallelujah Holla Back,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel


  1. Makes sense to me, at least from a research standpoint.

    1. Research, if done correctly, involves confidential answers from the participants. So the men involved in the study would have no reason to lie (at least to the researchers – they might have lied their heads off to their wives).

    2. Many men marry women they don’t find super attractive, for a myriad of reasons (i.e., money, convenience, desperation). Attractiveness is also not a dichotomous variable (i.e., yes or no), but rather a continuous one (i.e., scale of 1-10).

    3. It makes scientific sense that a man who thinks he’s better-looking than his wife would not, on average, be motivated to put as much effort into the relationship than if he didn’t. Studies have shown, time and time again, that men value physical beauty more than women, while women value stability and protection more. (Those darn gender differences!) For example, if a wife made more money than her husband, you could expect her to feel less motivation (again, on average) to invest effort in her relationship.

  2. You’re #1 has got to be what happened…lol. Although there was some feedback from the women as the article also said that the attractive wives were also happier…because they had happy husbands.

  3. I’m living refutation of the LDS version of this study’s inquiry: the better the missionary you are, the prettier will be your wife. I wasn’t nearly that good. No one good be.

  4. So a man thinks he’s more attractive than his wife. Does that mean he really is? Or is he somewhat of a narcissist? Naturally a narcissist who thinks he is better than someone else may not be as helpful with mundane housework. That could be the case for some in this study anyway.

  5. And I think that being in a study like this is going to make a man focus even more on the less attractive features of his wife, making for a worse marriage. We create more of what we give our attention and focus towards. Obviously I know that men are visual and that is important to them – but I pity the women whose husbands would take part in this.

  6. I gained weight after 12 years of marriage and 3 kids, but I was happy with myself. On the other hand, my husband admitted he wasn’t attracted to me anymore. He was even upset with me that I gained weight. I told him, “Well… you haven’t really changed physically, but guess what? I’M NOT ATTRACTED TO YOU EITHER because you treat me like shit. And I’ve had hotter boyfriends than YOU.” He was actually shocked that I said that. Take THAT!! And you know what? After that moment of truth, he treats me so much better now and sees me for the delicious goddess that I AM. He does not take me for granted anymore. I didn’t wait around feeling sorry for myself because one man told me he wasn’t attracted to me. He knows that there are many men that are attracted to me the way I look now, but he wanted me to be the “me” from 12 years ago. I told him that’s a pipe dream. I love me right now, so you better figure it out or someone else is gonna be loving me. But we’re all good now. The key to a lasting marriage is to find a reason to keep falling in love with the same person over and over again regardless of what they look like. Honestly, after a few years, you don’t even see the physical anymore, you only see actions. My husband and I keep finding many reasons to keep falling in love with each other.

  7. Oh my goodness! I love you Dreamy Venus!! God bless you!!! And may he bless me too: with the same response pattern if placed in the same situation!! :)

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