It Ain’t Even Black History Month!


We thought PBS might hold it against us since folks said our Mormon brotha Mitt Romney wanted Big Bird fired. It was probably all a big misunderstanding cause big yellow is not panhandling on Sesame Street and Brotha Mitt is probably watchin’ Ernie, Burt ‘n em with his new grand baby.

PBS has produced a new series which gives the history of different ethnic groups in America. In September they aired the history of Hispanics and during the month of November, The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross  with Henry Louis Gates Jr., will air.

KBYU, which will include the program in their lineup has gone the extra mile and gotten to know individuals in their community past and present, who contribute to Utah’s diversity. We feel blessed to have been spotlighted in their KBYU Eleven’s Up to Date, which will air alongside The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross with Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Y’all know we love diversity, and we love that PBS is showcasing American history in it’s many facets. And shout out to comedian and Studio C cast member, Stacey Harkey, who narrated the piece.

Check out the Sistas Up to Date here: