Luv True Luv…


Do we really “fall” in love or do we accept, allow, and embrace it? There are several movies, plays, books, even articles written telling us how, when and why we do or should fall in love. Leading us to believe that we actually “FALL” in love instead of embraceing love. We don’t know what happens when y’all are falling, but when we fall, we do everythang we can to stop ourselves ’cause falling hurts! You end up on the ground, ( and trust us, you will, we blame it on gravity) and like most people you will quickly jump up, dust yourself off, as yiu quickly look around because you wanna know “did anyone see what just happened?”. When we are “falling” in love, we want the world to know it! We want err’body and their mama’s to know that “WE  ARE IN LOVE! no matter how crazy we look, y’all remember Shug Avery from the movie “The Color Purple” running out to announce to her father “I’s married now!” and don’t even get us started on our Brotha Tom Cruise…. Pleeeze!  When we are in what we think is “LOVE” we don’t mind looking crazy or doing whatever it is we do for the person we think of as the love of our lives. The media has us and y’all believing their perception of love and what its supposed to look like. They tell us that if it don’t fit, you must acquit ummm we meant quit! Yep, that’s right the media and society says if there is trouble at home, pack ya stuff and get on! (We can’t stop it’s the rapper/poet in us.) Society gives us permission to quit, stop loving, and leave your marriage. Didn’t the Lord tell us to stop it with that crazy “eye for an eye madness?” An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind according to Dr. Martin Luther King, and we couldn’t agree more. Yet, news paper articles got us ready to throw in the towel so that we can look for the next cliff to jump off of.

Have we as Christians really bought in to that? We certainly plan on finding out on tomorrows show. Our Brotha and friend Seth Adam Smith author of  Seth Adam Smith (on a LITERAL odyssey) puts America, no bump that, he puts the world on blast by educating us and letting us know that  “Marriage Isn’t For You!”. Calm down! Before y’all hyperventilate and catch the vapors keep reading. Like y’all when we fist glanced at it we were like “Ohhhh no he didn’t!!!” But upon a second glance and actually reading his blog post, we both said “Ohhhh, yes he did!”. We wanted to get all up in the business of how not to drain but maintain our marriages. So, we had to throw in our Sista card, which trumped a whole lot of folks…. Sorry  Ellen, (it’s his turn to teach family home-evening this week). Since we got Seth, we want y’all to join us for our special Sunday edition of Family Home Evening. Y’all need to listen and participate! Yep, we said participate!!!! Our question today is: Without faith can we maintain love? Do you believe that falling in and out of love is an active choice? Once married should there be a nicety line when if crossed the gloves come off?

 Share your thoughts ’cause we need all the “FREE” help we can find, y’all know we are talking about  therapy… fre’erapy (free therapy).

Formulate your thoughts and give us a call  Tomorrow Seth is speaking to us tomorrow at 6:00 pm (mst) 646-478-3671 or leave your questions and comments here so that we can read them on tomorrows show! Until then  Be Ya Best, & Ya Best Ain’t Stressed! 

Bless Ya’Sef~

Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel