Race and the Priesthood in the LDS Church

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Tune in as the Sistas speak with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about the recent Race and the Priesthood statement on lds.org. They’ll also find out how Black Latter-day Saints feel about the statement, and the dialogue it’s creating amongst Mormons and throughout the world.


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  • Michael

    Can’t wait!

  • LeAnn Williams

    Actually, I thought the article was very well written and documented. I have had a great interest in this subject; due to my father in law being assigned as the Presiding Elder of Nigeria in the late 1950′s. He was the one in the church offices to communicate with the black people in Nigeria. On the morning of the day they announced this revelation he was on the temple grounds. He met Pres. Kimball while there and he told him that tomorrow he would be very happy with an announcement they were going to make the next day. He also had a lot to do with the creation of the Genesis group. He and his wife were able to serve a mission to Nigeria and Lagos.
    I continue to love following you two.

  • Journal of a Black Mormon Girl

    Mama Cathy guiding us through Spritual PTSD. Don’t relive it, let it go!

  • Margaret Blair Young

    Then your FiL is Lamar Williams, I assume. Wonderful!

  • LeAnn Williams

    Yes, it is. I just completed putting on my computer an interview that he had about his mission and the one that he took later with is wife.

  • Dale Wight

    Good show, as usual.

    Here’s what I was going to share about my experiences with the 12/6 statement at Church last Sunday. I talked with three people who hadn’t heard about it and gave them the little hand-out slip I created and attached to this comment.

    The first was a brother whose parents are in Ghana as medical supervisors for the Church in western Africa. He was pleased to receive the news of this statement.

    The second was a young African-American sister who recently had twins. She was surprised by the statement and told me she’d tell me how she feels about it after reading it.

    The third person was a member who joined the Church with his wife some 20 or 25 years ago. I was surprised and disappointed by his response. He read the slip and said that the Church is being pressured to say things like this. He then began to say that Cain had a mark put upon him and so did his descendants (which is not in the scriptures), and that this mark was black skin. I told him that the scriptures do not say that. He said they don’t but that earlier Church leaders said that was so. He then talked about how the darker people in The Book of Mormon were that way so they wouldn’t be appealing to others — which I answered was because of the others’ prejudice — and that when they repented they were made white. I answered that occurred once in The Book of Mormon but that it wasn’t universal. He said it wasn’t universal and but… and began to continue. I said that the paragraph he just read on my handout tells him that all those concepts now are disavowed by the Church and that the complete statement traces the racist history in the United States and says the earlier Church leaders were caught up in it. He said he’d read it but seemed to be very skeptical.

    This is very disappointing to me. I’d hoped that this statement would be the end of those beliefs. As I come to know Dear Wife and others, I’m disheartened by anyone saying those things — especially in the face of this latest declaration. What will it take?

    On the other hand, a non-LDS African-American blogger posted an article in 2007, “Mormons Don’t Like Black People?”. I answered and we’ve become friends. I sent her the link to the December 6th’s statement and she answered,

    “Wow. Dale this is really honest and an important first step. I hope that they leverage their financial resources to right these wrongs. The best apologies happen in word and deed. Have a good Saturday.”

    She’s Renina Jarmon. She recently published her first book, “Black Girls Are From the Future” (check her nod to me in the intro). Her blog is: http://newmodelminority.com/

  • Dale Wight

    Here’s the handout I meant to attach to the previous comment.

  • http://www.realgreattalk.wordpress.com Royce Lerwick

    I’ve written something of an online novel posing as a blog dealing with the history behind the December 2013 statement on Race and the Priesthood. I don’t believe there is anything out there as comprehensive or more thorough in terms of providing the total past, present, and future of LDS Curse of Cain mythology. Please have a read and let me know just how crazy I am. Thanks. The four related essays are titled and numbered and indexed in the right margin, and also under the header of the blog’s main page. I have yet to write the introduction, which I’m doing last because it’s mostly about me and my connection to the topic. But that’s just how I roll. It’s not a dry read, but a long one unless you’re actually interested in the subject matter. I’m assuming you will be, so pass it on if you enjoy the read.