Finding Faith in 2014


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Let’s talk 2014! What are your resolutions for the upcoming year? What do you want to leave behind in 2013 and what are you praying for in 2014? Call in with your tips and plans for finding faith in 2014! (646) 478-3671

  • Journal of a Black Mormon Girl

    Sistahs 2014 Finding Faith in 2014. I love this I feel there has been a war raged on the Sistahs of the church. I feel like 2013 was the year from hell! I wan’t Y’all to know, I SEE YOU!!! My daughter and I were in the Walmart last night and an Elderly Black Couple walked by and saw us! When I say they saw us.. they backed up, spoked to us letting them know. THEY SAW US!. It felt soo good!. So for 2014 Imma be Finding FAITH an SEEING FOLKS!!!

  • Susan Anderson

    I’m planning to make 2014 a year filled with good changes, and I know exactly what they are, too. I’ve already made a good run at them, and I intend to keep doing that. I feel resolved!

    Happy New Year to you two!


  • ViAnn

    This pod cast was so funny.

  • Thank you! And thanks for tuning in. Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year to you too Sue! Best wishes with your 2014 resolutions, we have a feeling that those good changes you are planning on are going to arrive!

  • Happy New Year JOABMG! We see you too and thank you for always seeing us!