Ordain Women {Kate Kelly & Suzette Smith}

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Priesthood in the LDS church continues to be a hot topic. This week the Sistas sit down with Kate Kelly and Suzette Smith of Ordain Women to find out what all the chit chat, pants wearing and standing in line is all about.

Kate Kelly graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Political Science. She served a mission for the church in Barcelona, Spain and married her husband, Neil, in the Salt Lake City temple in 2006. She graduated from American University’s Washington College of Law cum laude, the only law school in the world founded by and for women. She founded the Ordain Women movement, starting with the website www.ordainwomen.org on March 17, 2013. She led a group of over 250 women to request entrance to the Priesthood Session of General Conference on October 5, 2013. 

Suzette Smith is a life-long active Mormon, baptized by her father at age 8 in a small farming community in Idaho, where she grew up. She served a mission of the church in 1991 in Melbourne, Australia. Over the years, she has served in many callings across the auxiliaries of the church and currently loves teaching Sharing Time to the Primary children in Alexandria (Virginia) 3rd Ward. She is the Executive Secretary of Ordain Women. Suzette received a Bachelor’s Degree from BYU in 1994 and an MBA from Bentley University in 2002. She owns her own business and works as a professional organizer throughout the Washington DC area.

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  1. Jesus respected and honored women. He submitted himself to both his mother and his father at the age of 12. He made sure his mother would be taken care of while he hung on the cross. After his resurrection, he showed himself first to women, and sent word of his resurrection by them, to his apostles. He taught his doctrines to both men and women. He spent time with Mary and Martha, and told them that listening to his teachings was more important than serving him food. He wept with Mary and Martha at the tomb of Lazarus. He raised the widow’s only son from the dead. He raised a young girl from the dead. He healed women as well as men. But he never called one as his apostle. Paul and Peter were grateful for the righteous women who did much good, giving clothes and food to the poor. But they never ordained one to the priesthood or called one as an apostle. Deborah in the Old Testament was called by God to be a prophetess because none of the men were righteous enough to listen to his voice.

    When the first of our six children were growing up in the 1970′s, we thought it would be a good idea to raise them more gender neutral. We made sure that both the little girls and the little boys in our family had their own cars and trucks, dolls and teddy bears to play with. The girls wrapped their trucks up in blankets and rocked them to sleep. The boys put their teddy bears and dolls in their trucks and ran them off cliffs. Girls and boys are not the same. When we gained more experience and wisdom as parents, we taught our children that “fair” does not always mean “the same”. Women and men are not the same. I trust the wisdom of the Lord and his prophets. I trust that our Heavenly Father and Mother know what is best for their children. I expect women will receive the priesthood on this earth about the same time that the Lord changes men so they can give birth to babies.

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