50th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act


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Joan and Loki Mulholland 660x330Tune in as the Sistas commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. They’ll be joined by Civil Rights Activist and Freedom Rider, Joan Mulholland, and her son Loki Mulholland, award-winning filmmaker and director of An Ordinary Hero: The True Story of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland.

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland participated in one of the most famous and violent sit-ins of the Civil Rights Movement at the Jackson Woolworth lunch counter. She has come face-to-face with the KKK, was put on death row in Mississippi’s notorious Parchman Penitentiary with fellow Freedom Riders, and helped plan and organize the March on Washington. Following in his mother’s footsteps, Loki Mulholland creates films that make a difference in the world. Joan and Loki founded the JTM Foundation, a non-profit organization that educates youth about the Civil Rights Movement and empowers them with the idea that they can make a difference. Click here to learn more and contribute to their work.