Seth Adam Smith is All Up in the Sistas’ Bizness


Seth Adam Smith sat down with the Sistas, and let’s just say he prolly didn’t know what he was getting himself into. Check out the video and our commentary below:

We thank Seth for the opportunity to share our testimonies. Now that this video is out people wanna know some thangs, so we’ll answer y’alls questions here.

Do the Sistas get a lot of mean mail?

We get enough. So if you are thinking of sending us any we’ve already hit the quota. Putting yourself out there opens you up to potential hateration, just the other day a commenter who was miscounting how many kids we have combined, accused us of using our uteruses as clown cars. One of our kids just got voted class clown so we actually were rollin’ at that one. The truth, is yes people say some crazy things, but for every nasty letter we get, we get a bunch of nice ones. So never let hate-mail or crazy comments scare you away from sharing the things that are praiseworthy or of good report.

What was it like working with Seth Adam Smith?

Working with Seth was fantastic! Y’all, we interviewed with Seth for hours, do you know how much footage he has of us talkin’ crazy. You got to be trippin’ if you think we’re going to say anything but nice thangs about our boy Seth. We don’t need any unseen footage creepin’ up off the cuttin’ room floor.

Seth Adam Smith and Sistas in Zion

Can y’all fit into your wedding dresses yet?

Child please, we are still waiting for Jesus to work that miracle. Turning water into wine is nice and err’thang, but we sure wouldn’t whine if the good Lord decided to take away all our water weight.

Does Elder Holland really know who Tupac is?

If LDS Church leaders, Gordon B. Hinckley and L. Tom Perry are on LL Cool J and P. Diddy’s radar, then we think Tupac could be on Elder Holland’s. Now that that some of the LDS apostles have twitter accounts maybe they’ll start returning the favor and retweet the hip-hop community.

LL Cool J Quotes Mormon P. Diddy Quotes Mormon

Why do Mormons cry so much?

You’ll often see Mormons crying during “Fast & Testimony Meeting” aka Mormon-Open-Mic-Night. This happens on the first Sunday of every month. There are a number of reasons we may be crying. Such as, we’re fasting that day so folks are crying cause they’re hungry. Maybe a brotha or sista get’s up to the mic and shares TMI, or your kid is sharing all the family bizness, that’ll make folks cry. Also, some Mormons cry every time they find out popcorn does not grow on apricot trees.
Popcorn on the Apricot Tree
Got any more questions for the Sistas? Leave em’ in the comments. If you know other reasons why Mormons cry, do tell. And if you can confirm that Elder Holland does indeed listen to a lil’ Tupac, please holla at us!

Hallelujah Holla Back,
Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel

  • Lani

    I wanna come to your Ward!!

  • Angelic Chambers

    I converted 1 yr and 2months ago. I can say my life has changed voids were filled where I didn’t realize it was missing. Thank you! I will be reading your book you guys are great.

  • Torrie Haupt

    Listening to you ladies is awesome! I think some times we Mormons take ourselves too seriously, you’re right we have a lot to smile about! I’ll be remembering to smile more, even as I wrangle my very-2-year-old out of Sacrament mtg 🙂 Thanks!

  • Jennifer Holden

    Loved this, thanks!

  • Teresa Whitney

    You guys are so cute! Thank you for sharing your testimonies!