2% Utah’s Black Population


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2% Utah's Black Population

Tune in as the Sistas chat with Carleton Bluford the filmmaker behind 2%, an upcoming documentary about Utah’s Black population. The film seeks to shed light on one of the state’s smallest racial groups. The latest census shows African-Americans make up less than two-percent of Utah’s population. The hope is to find out who makes up this two-percent; where they came from; why they stay in Utah; and to take a look at how we define Blackness in America. Carleton and the film’s producer Lonzo Liggins, are not only a part of Utah’s racial minority, but also it’s religious minority because they are not members of the LDS church. Their documentary will feature others who share their experiences as well as the experiences of Black Latter-day Saints. 2% features voices such as former NBA player Thurl Baily, Calvary Baptist Church Pastor France A. Davis and Nadia Crow, Utah’s first Black primary weekday day news anchor.