You Know You’re a Modern Day Mormon If…


Family… Isn’t it about Time?

If your family home-evening looks like this, you might be Modern Day Mormon!

Family... Isn't it about Time?
Family… Isn’t it about Time?

1. If you had to text your child today to remind them it was their turn to prepare the F.H.E. (family home evening) lesson.

2. You can’t read the scriptures until your electronic device is charged to at least 5%

3. You have to wait for your spouse to take a break at work so that they can participate for F.H.E. or family prayer via face-time.

4. The first thing you want to do when you read a great quote or fantastic scripture is “Pin it”!

5. You feel guilty because you spend more time talking to your family on Facebook and Instagram than you do actually face to face.

 Please share your FHE stories, what did your Modern Day Family do that was unique tonight?


We hope you had a Hallelujah-HollaBack time tonight!

Sista Beehive & Sista Laurel!

  • Chris Shaeffer Shupe

    Good for you lady’s! Moving from California (San Jose area) to Northern Utah was a racial shock even for me, a white Mormon woman used to being among many colors and types of peoples back ” home”. We heard you on the radio tonight and think you’re awesome! Looking forward to reading your book. Thanks! Chris and Mandy