Diary of a Mad Black Mother’s Day


Holidays aren’t always happy, and hard work doesn’t mean you won’t have hard knocks.

Mad Black Mothers Day

Mother’s Day weekend marks the one year anniversary of our book, Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons. The book hustle has been one of the hardest hustles we’ve ever embarked on. We penned personal experiences from our lives and then put them out for public view. Talk about putting your business in the streets… ha! Getting it done required sacrifices, so we quit our jobs and dedicated ourselves to stop missing deadlines and deliver our publisher a manuscript worthy of going to print. The sacrifices were not only our own, husbands, children, family, and friends pitched in, picked up slack, and cheered us on. Yes, it took blood, sweat, tears and maybe even a couple of therapists, but we did it!

Now our full time gig, we set off to share with the world what we were inspired to write. One year later, we haven’t become New York times bestsellers, shoot, we’ve never even hit the Deseret Book best sellers list. We’ve watched other books come off the starting block much after us and zoom past us. No, late nights and hawking books out the back of your trunk sometimes doesn’t reflect in the sales report, and there’s a bit of a sting when you see how many books have been returned to the store.

Let’s keep it real, you don’t have to be mad, black or Mormon to know that sometimes things don’t come easy. Things don’t often turn out typically. For heaven’s sake we’ve got a book with chapters called, Finding Jesus in Jail and Dysfunctional Families are Forever, there ain’t nothing typical about that. There are some of y’all out there who aren’t going to have a “typical” Mother’s Day, not everyone’s mamas baked bread, and showered them with kisses. Some of us don’t know our mothers, or they have passed on, or don’t speak to them, or are afraid of them. Some of us have fractured relationships with our children, and some will spend the day wondering why God gave them the mother He did, ever made them a mother,  or won’t make them a Mother though they desperately want to be one.

Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons - Book Cover

Here’s what we’ve learned: With God, every trial is capable of becoming a triumph! We shared some of our mother and motherhood experiences in the book, so y’all know, that we know, that it ain’t always hooray for Mother’s Day. Triumph has come in different ways for each of us, it’s not always making up, holding hands and skipping off into the sunset. Sometimes it’s an awkward conversation, sometimes it’s realizing that you didn’t cry this year as much as you did last year, but triumphant moments they are.

Our book hasn’t hit the mark we set…yet. So we are enjoying the journey until we reach our destination. The love and support that we continue to receive from friends, family and those we work with, gives us great joy. Through sharing the book we have met people we would never have had the opportunity to know, they have shared their personal stories, struggles and strengths with us, and complete strangers have treated us like sisters and friends. Our hope as authors is always to uplift and inspire, but it is you all that is constantly uplifting and inspiring us. Thank you!

Tomorrow as we celebrate the mothers in our lives, let’s be mindful of the women who might need a bit of uplift on that day. You may not be able to change her Mother’s Day destiny, but you might be able to give a moment of joy to her journey. To the many mamas out there we can’t promise you a happy Mother’s Day, but we can definitely wish you a BLESSED one! God’s blessings are promised, and when all else fails, on Him we can rely.

Hallelujah Holla Back,
Tamu Smith & Zandra Vranes

  • Jennifer Manon

    I just found you today and heard about your book. I look forward to reading it and hopefully sharing it with some of my sisters who could use a reminder of the Lord in their not so perfect lives

    • Thank you Jennifer! We look forward to hearing back from you and even a few of your “not so perfect” sisters. Perhaps we can swap stories about how perfectly imperfect we are :). Be blessed Sista Jennifer~

      Your Sistas in Christ!

  • Chaplin Hawkeye

    I have been able to identify with the “Sistas” in 30 minutes tonight more than most people in the last half century. I’m mighty white on the outside but oh so minority in me. I have always been on the outside looking in even within my own family. (WHY IS THAT?) I’m going to buy your book because you made me feel at home and I love to laugh. Via con Dios, Sistas!