Mother’s Day, it’s Complicated!


imageToday is a difficult day for so many women. Some of us have children & feel that we are lacking or failing them in some way. Others of us long to have the sticky fingers of children smudge the mirror, wall and glass of our hollowed childless homes. While there are many who wish to hear the comforting words of a mother gone in body yet very much alive in our hearts and memories. Today I celebrate the women in the village that raised me. I was born to a 13yr old (woman) child. She gave me the only thing she had to give me, life! I realize that she could have made a different choice, she did not, she chose to give me life, for that I am grateful! She taught me that some of our biggest mistakes can become Gods greatest blessings to us! I celebrate my mom! I am also grateful for and celebrate my grandMAMA, who raised me and taught me to walk tall because I was a daughter of the only King! She taught me that all of Gods creatures held purpose & value. She also taught me that like the loaves of bread & fish that Jesus blessed, God would & could multiply the things I valued if I was willing to share my blessings! She willingly placed me in a position to be embraced by a village of women from different ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Women who loved me and taught me to value the good in others as well as life. I’ve added images of a few of these women in the collage. These women are just a few who have made & still make a significant difference in my life, and choices I make or don’t make. There are others, so many others! While my relationship with Mother’s Day is #COMPLICATED! I am grateful, I know that I am and have been blessed!


Tamu Smith