He Touched Me


Oooo! If I could touch the hem of His garments, my life would be so different…. Right? Brotha’s & Sistas it’s been one of those weeks! So many unanswered life questions.

Today I can relate to the woman who had an “issue” Of blood. Because I am a woman with an issue, (when I say issue, I really mean issues). Yet, the more I think about my issues the crazier I feel. My sister & friend (Mrs.Day) reminded me not to long ago in her TOFW talk not to compare my scars with the scars of others. However today that’s easier said then done. While I haven’t been stepped on, stepped over, or trampled to the ground in my efforts to faithfully seek His healing power. I find it just as difficult at times to take my petition to the Savior. It is true that the world even in silence can still be so loud. I find the worse part about it all is I’m the only one pushing, against myself. I am a one person crowd. I recognize that people have life threatening problems, and certainly don’t mean to diminish their trials. I just wonder if when I share the seemingly small griefs of my heart if He’ll rebuke me? Will He brush aside my woes because they aren’t big or significant enough? Is He the type of God who gauges ones pain? I certainly hope not! She, the woman with the issue of blood, was ostracized by her people. She spent every penny she had trying to fix her issue. She was lonely and alone. Her brokenness was attached to her health. For others like me that’s not exactly our story. It’s not so much about health as it is circumstances, or personal situations. Nevertheless, I still find myself pushing my way toward the Savior, seeking some sort of healing in my life.

My own feelings of defeat have allowed me to feel more love and empathy toward the woman with the issue of blood. She didn’t allow defeat, rejection, or social protocol to dictate her level of faith. I can imaging that with every push, shove, bump, or elbow it must’ve taken every ounce of energy she had to keep standing and literally fighting her way to Jesus. Then when her legs finally failed her, she probably thought all hope was gone. As the crowd stepped on and over her to get to the Savior. Knowing she had nothing to lose she extended her arm and stretched out her hand barely touching the hem of the Saviors dress. Her simple act of faith released the Saviors Grace into her life, her situation. His Grace made her whole. Though my issues are not of the same nature, it is my prayer that as I reach out in faith, I will touch the hem of His garment. And, once again His Grace will restore and make me whole.

If you find yourself in need of His healing power, may the words of Nicole C. Mullen song “One Touch” wash over you in love just as they have me. Be blessed!

Stay in prayer-

  • Tamu, I love what you’ve written here and how you’ve tried to learn from the scriptures! It’s my belief that He wouldn’t rebuke you. I’m reminded often of the door that he stands behind – the one where the knob is on our side, not his. He knocks and wants to be invited into our lives. He’s already met us half way!

  • jenn

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…for being honest. I just discovered your book. Hallelujah!!!!

    • jenn

      P.S. This is the beginning of something great.